Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Morning Show on Oct 31,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club

Hunter Biden ‘s Third Hard Drive Appeared; Left Media ABC, CNN Have to Report Hunter Biden Hard Drive , Means What? Carlifornia State House of Representative Announced to Support Bobulinski, What messages released?

• Another Hunter Biden laptop landed in the DEA’s custody in February when they executed a search warrant on the Massachusetts office of a psychiatrist accused of professional misconduct.
Although the DEA only pursues drug offenses, it is law enforcement and regulatory. The FBI is just law enforcement. The addition of the DEA would uncover the Chinese Communist Party’s international drug trafficking network.

• According to Mr. Lu De’s intel source, United States Department of Justice has obtained significant evidence that 16 Chinese spies, including Bob Fu, were operating overseas.

• ABC and CNN are finally starting to report on Biden’s hard drive. Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna would defend Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski against claims that he is a “partisan hack.”

• In order to eliminate the Biden crime syndicate, Mayor Rudy Giuliani is trying to get Hunter to plead guilty.

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