CCP Sold Out Joe Biden, Explained by Lu De

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Laptop, hard drives, money, and scandalous sexual images/videos are the hot topics amid the US presidential election. Dots need to be connected, especially for those who tried to seek answers in the sexual images or videos. As the saying goes: There is nothing to watch here – the sexually explicit parts and the faces of the young women/underage girls were being covered on those images and videos. Besides, the real Joe Biden stuff stored somewhere on a hard drive has not yet been released. 

If evidence revealed from Hunter Biden’s laptop was the result of Hunter’s inability to claim his abandoned property, then the hard drive containing information on Biden’s dealing with Burisma is certainly not a case of abandoned property. Someone seems to have sold out Joe Biden.

According to Lu De, a hard drive containing information about Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine had also been delivered to the Ukrainian authority. As early as September 24, Lu De revealed on his show that hard drives containing three types of information were recently delivered to the United States Justice Department. Lu De categorized the people behind the delivery as those who were working against CCP Chairman Xi Jinping.

Lu De then explained that the delivery of these hard drives was a response to an earlier hard drive delivery to Majority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The hard drive, in addition to the information aiming at blacking mail the Democrat Party, contains bank and asset information on a few CCP wealthiest families whom Chairman Xi Jinping would like to sell out as an offer of financial compensation to the Americans who have sustained damages due to the CCP virus. Upon receiving such intelligence, three powerful CCP families: the Jiang family, the Zeng family, and the Meng family, took a counterattack action. They delivered three types of hard drives, with first being images and videos of sex acts of influential American figures, such as that of Secretary Mnuchin, the second being the genetic maps of the families of Chairman Xi Jinping and Vice Chairman Wang Qishan with their mistresses and children born out of wedlock who are now living overseas, and the third being information on CCP’s unrestricted warfare, its bioweapon program, which the Americans will have a hard time believing.

Such move by the Jiang, Zhen, and Meng families, according to Lu De, suggests that these families are engaging in a fierce fight with the Chairman Xi and the Vice Chairman Wang. Such fights always result in the loser going to jail or being executed with his assets totally taken away. The three families know too well that Xi Jinping has already formed an alliance with presidential candidate Joe Biden, ever since Joe Biden handed Xi the names of 36 CIA assets working in China in 2012. This year, under the world and the US pressure, Xi figured out a way to relieve him of his liability over the Covid related deaths, that is to sacrifice other top CCP families’ interests, in trillion range. This would not work if Trump gets elected. In fact, Xi Jinping has bet 100% on Joe Biden winning. After all, Emperor Xi has done whatever he wanted with the corrupted Joe Biden up to this point. Regular panelists on Lu De’s show all agree that the CCP’s internal struggle has moved its battleground overseas. This makes sense because most of their assets are hidden in the West.

Now, with Hunter Biden’s scandals escalating day by day, Xi Jinping is reportedly in panic. He has been asking CCP elders for advice on how to make sure that Biden wins the election. Lu De explained that the first advice given to him is already at work, with the US stock market falling for four days in a row without any warning. Lu De pointed out that this is the work of the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and the investment managers on Wall Street, with CCP behind them. Xi will take extreme and dangerous approaches to make sure that Joe Biden will win the election. What if Biden loses? In that case, CCP’s days will be numbered. Other powerful families in the CCP will view Biden’s defeat as a sign of Xi Jinping’s failure, and will grab the opportunity to terminate him as well. Xi is someone who has no basic moral standards, and has virtually targeted all his opponents, the CCP leaders, to secure his dictatorship and his personal wealth. In the end, he may well be destroyed by his own rivals, thus taking Joe Biden with him.

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