Quotations from the Mr Mask Show(30/10/2020)

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Helen & Freeearth⁩ & 烟波浩淼⁩ & 黎明的光芒⁩ & magicnekko⁩ & B7
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The time of live: 30/10/2020
The link of live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLGWhHeBaDY

1)Zhang Bo family of Huarui Group is exposed that related to Biden family corruption. Recently many revelations are connected to what were exposed earlier by Mr. Guo Wengui that is related to HNA. The secret family background of Zhang Bo and Liu Chengjie lead to Li You of Beida Fangzheng Group. And all these linked to the fall fo Bo Xilai and Xi Jinping’s rise and hold of the power and closely tied a series of other political indicents.

2)The reaction of Social media and so called mainstream media of the free world including deleting the message, suppressing the spreading of the information etc. show that how deep is the CPP’s impact by BGY tactics. The evil of the demons are fully exposed under the Whistleblower Movement perusing the justice. The War of the Century has begun  and it will determine the fate of mankind.

3)The point of view on Biden incident from President Trump, Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Bannon are very clear: they shall be convicted by any ONE of what they have done. In recent president complain rallies, President Trump stated that Biden is 100% compromised by CCP. And also Trump mentioned the bigger tigers in the deeper swamp. This shows the viciousness of the contest at this stage. Whistleblower Movement tells the truth the only truth, And all these shocking truth and facts revealed will provide the basis for the decent and conscious people all over the world to make a decision by themselves.

4)Zhang Bo’s father in law is Liu Xigui, who is the the General Secretory of Hunan Province (also the adoptive father of Liu Chengjie and Xi Jinping’s best friend). The duties of Zhang Bo include the following:

  • Collusion with NBA Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Manchester United, and Hollywood (CCP is exporting their own ideology in the area of sports and culture to the western via NBA & Hollywood etc.);
  • Security of Xi Mingze in the US;
  • Infiltrating the Republican Pary;
  • Infiltrating President Trump and his family;
  • Layout or US Election of 2024 & 2028

Without the Whistleblower Movement and the GTV/GNEWS exposing the truth, the world would have already fallen. Whistleblower Movement is being saving the world.

5)CCP spies are evacuating in a hurry from overseas. From the evacuation of the CCP Consular in the US not long ago, CCP media in the US listed a foreign commission, till now the FBI is investigating the CCP spy network, all these lead to the core section like pilling off an onion.

6)The US is not taking full scale actions systematicly regarding the CCP infiltration. CCP intelligence like Fu Xiqiu will be eliminated. Department of Justice and FBI has announced that eight agents involved in the “Fox Hunt”operation  led by the CCP have been prosecuted.

7)Mr. Guiliani stated recently that three quarters of US media covering up the Biden family corruption scandal, either due to mutual benefit, or just anti-Trump so assisting the Democrats, no matter what, these crimes conceal a great conspiracy to the US.

8)US sanctions against Iran have never paused for a moment. One of the CCP enterprises is among those. Another eight companies from Iran, Singapore and China are announced recently on the list.

9)Latest speech from President Trump mentioned the fake news from New Nork Times. A “so-called” official from the White House actually is from nowhere and nobody knows. He and the New York Times shall be held responsible for this bid crime. Also, during Obama-Biden Administration  the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Hunter Biden receives 1.5 billion dollars every year and Biden himself might earn billions of dollars a year, he is not stupid. The audience shouted: Bring Biden to Justice!

10)The China Peace & Unity Committee will be listed as foreign commission by the US. Mr. Pompeo is aiming the CCP, and the CCP is trying every effort to highjack the Chinese people. The CCP regime is the most darkest evil regime which highjack & suppress the Chinese people. We all the Chinese must keep our eyes open and never be treated any longer.

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