The 19th National Congress:Doom of the Chinese Communist Party

Author: Corn-Corn
Translator: Wen-y Wen
Proofreading & revising: Mr. Snail
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On the 29th, Pan Gu Time, the 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party which is pseudo, ended. When reading the report of this meeting, Those zombie words were still running in my ears viciously. There is no word concerning for the people and no word caring about the people. Perhaps for them, only pie in the sky can make the people lose their capability to think. When we stand on the earth, it is difficult to imagine what the universe is like. The profound darkness makes everyone flinch. I think the CCP has already been making itself worshiped as a god.

During this meeting, the CCP emphatically put forward the expansion of domestic demand as a strategic basis, and very hilariously proposed structural reforms of the supply system. It reminds the author of the dual-cycle strategy that has appeared in the Chinese Communist Party media for many times recently, which is, the so called “Gradually forming a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body. The domestic and international dual cycles promote each other” It is probably a foreshadowing in advance for future retreats.

The CCP’s linguistics always include repeated empty phrases. Basically, only one or two core points matter. It really ruins the charm of the Chinese linguistics. Obviously, they are implicit and elegant Chinese characters full of unlimited imagination, but they are like a devil with a shy mask, always urging to swallow the people. The greed of a dictatorship is endless. When they can’t  take benefits from the people abroad, “no player for suckers” , and when the remaining blood and sweat of the Chinese people cannot create more value, they will swallow all the dignity, freedom, ideas, and wealth of the Chinese people.

As Mr. Guo said, the folks of China have a new 70-year bloody slaughter history process.

‘The world today is undergoing major changes ever in a century. The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reforms are developing rapidly, the strengths of countries have undergone profound adjustments, peace and development are still the themes of the ages, and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.” There is a community of shared future for mankind, and it also mentions the technological revolution and industrial revolution. Now that the whole world is illuminated by the beacon of freedom, democracy and peace in the West, economic recovery is proceeding slowly. Where is the so called big change ever in a century but a new world war? Therefore, the CCP’s evil ambition has become clear. The CCP want to weaken the United States, make the United States weak and kill the United States and reform a dictatorship with a shared future leaded by the CCP!

Maybe they even look down on Russia. The CCP’s sending of land and money is just a piece of cake. Their purpose is to completely control democratic countries through economic and political penetration. Packing up Russia is easy.

The CCP’s scientific and technological revolution is even more ridiculous. CCP relies purely on slogan and relies on the going prematurely. The development of China’s materials and technology are tens of thousands of miles less than that of the West, and it still dreams that it can catch up with the Premier League. The absurdity of a dictatorship is evident.

The so called industrial revolution is nothing more than the complete control of wealth in its own Chinese CCP red family. They crushed all private enterprises, made the Chinese people even poorer resulting in the rapidly increasing inflation and housing prices. They use unanchored digital currencies to implement comprehensive coverage monitoring and wealth management. Realize communism to the fullest in one fell swoop!

It once again put forward the long term goal of basically achieving socialist modernization by 2035. The content is nothing more than a variety of beautiful lies. When Wang Qi shan’s 2020 well off society was completely a failure .All Chinese people must understand that the CCP is purely relying on fakes to maintain its pseudo regime! The Chinese civilization was completely destroyed by the 70 years cyclical Cultural Revolution. Therefore, God sent a revolution to fix and reshape the Chinese people’s backbone and beliefs. That is justice or we call it judge by justice and truth

Now the whole world has really reached a crossroads ever in the history, ruled by the Communist Party willingly or stand up against this red evil Satan. When the Whistleblowing Movement blow the horn of the assemble to destroy the Communist Party, all kind people must rush forward to tear up the red Communist Party which is deposited with the evils and covers the sky and the earth of World! There is no way out, really no!

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