Email again! Hunter Biden suspected of being accused by his mother of inappropriate relation with “children”

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Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate for the 2020 US presidential election. Emails concerning Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden,  continue to spark controversy. The US media claims to have uncovered five emails from Hunter Biden’s computer on October 26.

US conservative “Gateway Pundit”  journalist, Andy Mehalshick questioned Joe Biden about the allegations concerning his son. Joe Biden defends his son and claims that lies have been spread maliciously by Trump and his supporters.

Five messages obtained from Hunter Biden’s computer:  The first message is Hunter’s statement to a family member with concerns of inappropriate relationships. In the second message, Hunter refers to accusations made to him by his step mother, Jill Biden. The third message was from his uncle Jim Biden, Jim Biden stated that he did not believe the allegations of impropriety against his nephew Hunter. In the fourth message, Hunter states that he was only allowed to meet with a specific person in the presence of his father.

The fifth message indicates that legal action could be taken against Hunter Biden if certain conditions are not met.

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Americans are shocked again by the serious allegations against Hunter Biden.

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