‘Truth’ Behind Kobe’s Death

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Biden’s hard drive revealed that NBA star players, Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson and LeBron James have all involved; as well as Liu chengjie’s father in trust.  The focus of the audience once again returns to Kobe’s bizarre helicopter accident.

Kobe’s life is the embodiment of American traditional values: hard working, a devout believer in God, and love for his families. If he were still alive, most likely he would support neither BLM, nor the takeover of L.A. Lakers by the CCP.

Kobe’s death was too shocking for many people. He is the idol of many people and the embodiment of the American spirit. His upright character is destined that he will not compromised by evil forces. His control of the Lakers and influence on the entire NBA made him a thorn in the eye of evil forces. Kobe’s death was probably not an accident, but was intentionally arranged.

According to former Lakers center Roy Hibbert, Kobe Bryant had long predicted that Trump would be elected President of the United States.

 “One time, he told me that he thought Trump would win the election.” Hibbert said during the show, “My reaction was: ‘Impossible.'” Looking at the 2015-16 schedules, the game was December 3, 2015, which means Kobe predicted it 11 months before Trump was officially elected.

 Hibbert also revealed that Kobe not only predicted the outcome, but also analyzed his rationale, including those states that Hillary Clinton did not visit where she would lose votes.

Later, when the results of the US general election were announced, Trump was unexpectedly elected. At 3 a.m. that morning, Hibbert received a text message from Kobe that read: “I told you”

 “It’s really crazy,” Hibbert said, “He is very smart. He analyzes everything every day.”

Kobe’s accident is very likely to pave the way for Biden’s voters among NBA circles.

The sports world has always been a battleground for presidential elections. His passion for basketball helped Obama gain support in those swing states and eventually led to his victory in the election.

Those people, who care for politics, have great influence, and have not been impacted by “Blue, Gold, Yellow” plan, are all in trouble.

The first time Mr. Guo came out to blow the whistle was on his yacht, “Ladymay”; soon after, his “Ladymay” came under heavy attack from the Chinese Communist Party’s “traction control technology.”

Destroying helicopters using some sort of “traction control technology” is a proven technique.

Kobe was knowingly standing up for Trump and he has huge influence on Americans. There is a good chance that Kobe’s accident was not an accident.  The truth will come out when the swamp is drained.

Author: 昔马千羽
Proof-Reader: Squirrel
Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver -2020/10/31

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4 months ago

waiting for the truth,take down the CCP

4 months ago

Bishop Larry Gaiters on Crowdsource the Truth had a whole series on Kobe Bryant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3um-YsSgsI4

4 months ago
Reply to  Bobbi

the video was blocked