CCP Virus Pandemic Ep272: Communist Party of China has ratio of loans overdue bad loans as 80.2%.

  1. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, the common people have no food safety. The edible oil industry giant, Jinlongyu was exposed by the mainland media to publicly falsify and not mark genetically modified raw materials. Subsequently, Jinlongyu issued an official statement acknowledging the use of genetically modified raw materials and false declarations from its foreign suppliers.
  2. In the first three quarters of 2020, the banking sector of the Communist Party of China has ratio of loans overdue for more than 90 days to bad loans as 80.2%. It highlights that the economy is deteriorating, and numerous enterprises have capital chains broken and just live on debt, which can hardly continue by borrowing the new debt to repay the old!
  3. The Chinese military company Huawei fears that there will be no access to ARM chips after Nvidia’s ARM acquisition.
  4. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, the people have no livelihood. The camera recorded that a family of three in Guizhou, carrying corn on their backs, crossed a nearly collapsing bridge, risking their lives to make a living. This is a rebuttal of the CCP’s propaganda that they have eliminated poverty, and completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.
  5. (Lude Media, Dr. Bo, 10/21) I suppose Che Feng must have felt very strange when Hunter asked for bribery so directly the first time they met. Usually it’s not easy to build close relationships from zero, but with Hunter, it was completely different as he put his demands out in the open. We can see that Hunter has no consideration for ethics, and obviously how presumptuous he is relying on his father’s influence.

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