You must jump off the wrecked ship of the Biden family

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Editor: Lish

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It undoubtedly that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign will come to an end. If Biden withdraws from the election, he will become the first presidential candidate to pull out due to corruption allegations since the founding of the United States.

In the face of several criminal charges such as corruption, Joe Biden has few options. He may either immediately withdraw from the presidential election and seek a pardon agreement from President Trump; in this way, it can retain a little dignity of the Biden family.

The first way is a safeguard for the democratic party itself. If Hunter surrenders, we can estimate that everyone inside the Democratic party will think about how to protect themselves and how to jump off the wrecked ship of the Biden family. As a result, Biden’s withdrawal from the presidential election will be a wise move.

The second way for Biden is to continue to participate in the election and defend against these criminal charges. However, facing iron proof, it is difficult for him to justify himself. In this way, he not only ruined the entire Biden family but also pushed the Democratic Party into the abyss of unrest.

Therefore, we warn that anyone who has colluded with the Biden family, you must cut off with the Biden family as soon as possible, and come out as a tainted witness to testify against the criminal activities and obtain self-salvation.

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the entire DNC

3 months ago

the wrecked ship of the Biden family is sinking



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