Proof Reading Josh Rogin’s The Washington Post Article, Oct. 29

This article of Mr. Josh Rogin, There’s Chinese interference on both sides of the 2020 election, published on The Washington Post, on October 29, looks like written by some one who speaks English as a second language. Since it is targeting Mr. Miles Guo, the “Whistleblower Movement” and Gnews, it would be rude for us to ignore it even though it is full of nonsense. Let’s do some proof reading of it. 

Its title says, “There’s Chinese interference on both sides of the 2020 election”. Correction: It’s the Chinese Communist Party that’s interfering the 2020 election. Chinese people from the New Federal State of China are heading to Washington D.C. to support President Trump right now! We vote for Trump!

The first paragraph says, “Chinese interference” is “much like Russia’s disinformation campaign in 2016”. Fact check: the CCP’s disinformation campaign is on a much bigger scale with a deeper disguise, “more sophisticated and more complex”, of which, Bob Fu and his so-called “ChinaAid” are part of it. Mr. Rogin must have been involved in it, or, it’s really hard to understand why he should write this article with no liable basis. There isn’t a single evidence shown in this article to support what he claims. 

In the 2nd paragraph, Mr. Rogin tried really hard to confuse readers by saying there’s “the interference efforts of Chinese official state organs” and “also a separate effort, aimed at supporting Trump and spreading disinformation about Joe Biden” “by a Chinese billionaire…whose actions sometimes align with CCP goals”. Considering the CCP runs the Chinese official state organs, is Mr. Rogin trying to say the CCP, on one hand, prefers Joe Biden, and on the other hand tries to spread disinformation about him? Since Mr. Rogin claims to be anti-CCP, is he indicating Joe Biden should be elected and the hard drives are disinformation? Teachers say, be careful with your word choices. 

The diction problem continues in the next paragraphs. Using “interjected”, “purported”, “allegations” and “launder” allegedly to downplay and cover up the “Biden Hard Drives” in support of the Bidens just shows a lack of professional capability and ethics. It’s no different than Twitter and Facebook banning many truth speaking accounts, which provoked outrage in the public. Here’s a friendly suggestion for Mr. Rogin, make sure to visit before making a comment on it. 

Paragraph 5 says, Mr. Guo’s “ultimate agenda remains murky”. Correction: Mr. Guo, the “Whistleblower Movement”, together with Mr. Bannon and Mr. Giuliani, have made it perfectly clear that they are fighting to take down the CCP and free the Chinese people and the world. Mr. Rogin keeps saying the Hunter Biden material is “false information”, and tries to misdirect readers’ attention to the “narrative about its origins”. That’s exactly what the CCP wants people to believe. They want people to forget how vicious the Biden-CCP collusion is and how important it is to vote for President Trump. 

Then comes the self-claimed “pastor”, “Chinese American dissident” and “human rights activist”, Bob Fu. All of a sudden, the tone and diction of this article is explained. A “rather shaky evidence” on shows that Bob Fu has deep connection with the Biden Family. This article might as well be another “shaky evidence” that Bob Fu is contacting the Biden Family on behalf of the CCP. 

Bob Fu has been hiding from the peaceful protests against him calling for an investigation into him and his company. If he is as innocent as he claims to be, why doesn’t he talk to people, like a real pastor? Mr. Rogin quoted Bob Fu several times in this article, in support of Fu. Since when did these two get to know each other so well? On the contrary, Mr. Rogin linked Mr. Guo to “official Chinese propaganda outlets (including the Global Times) ”. We suggest Mr. Rogin send his unpublished interviews with Mr. Guo to any of the CCP outlets and the western medias at the same time, and see what happens. 

Mr. Rogin quoted Bob Fu’s accusation of Mr. Guo “hunting dissidents on behalf of the CCP”, “meddling and interfering in the 2020 presidential election” and being “a foreign national spreading malicious political disinformation while harassing U.S. citizens”. Teacher’s comment: false, incomprehensible and irrelevant, basically, nonsense. 

At last Mr. Rogin mentioned FBI investigation. This sounds rather familiar, because, once upon a time, Bob Fu tweeted he was on the way to FBI to report Mr. Guo. Guess what? Several months passed, he never arrived at FBI and is now in hiding himself. 

Last but not least, Mr. Rogin worried “The result is that Chinese politics and U.S. politics are becoming intertwined in ways we can’t understand but that surely are bad for the health of our democracy”. This is true and even more accurate when he doesn’t understand he allegedly has been working for the CCP propaganda, either knowingly or not. 

(Opinions are authors’. Thank you for reading. Proof reading welcomed!)

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