The real meaning of Unconditional Support – Draining the swamp

Author: Shangjingge & Sugarpup

One of emails revealed by GTV and GNews recently is the one sent from Bill Bartmann to Hunter Biden in 2014. Bill expressed his “unconditional support” to Hunter Biden even when he failed to pass cocaine test and therefore discharged from navy reserve. Bill said that he had experienced some awkward moment, therefore would stand with Hunter unconditionally.

The logic is wicked. As the CEO of a famous consumer financial recovery company CFS, Bill was one of the top democratic donors. He did not know the Hunter Biden laptop scandals when he wrote that email in 2014. Unfortunately, he had not chance to know the real Hunter since he passed away in 2016. Let’s try to understand more about this wicked logic in the letter.

Firstly, it reads as I support you no matter what you have done. Secondly, I support you since I have been through the similar awkwardness before.

Bill had implemented the same logic in his political donations. Over a two-year period, Mr. Bartmann has donated to the state legislators on both sides of the political fence. Between 1996 and 1998, donations totaling nearly $200,000 were given to at least 63 individual candidates. He also gave $150,000 to the Republican Governor’s Association and $100,000 to the Republican National Committee.

As a result, state lawmakers passed two pieces of legislation in 1998 that benefited CFS: one allowed the company to offer credit cards; the other promised as much as $120 million in tax incentives to CFS.

For Bill Bartmann, right or wrong doesn’t really matter, what really matters is what he wants.

Bill had a troubled childhood. At age 14, he dropped out of high school and joined a traveling carnival. He later joined a gang called the Manor Boys,He attempted to join the Marines but was rejected for hearing problems. He turned into an alcoholic by age 17, and one night fell down a flight of stairs while drunk. He became paralyzed and was told that he would never walk again.

That is why Bill told Hunter that I have experience with awkward moments. They both got rejected by US military. So they prefer to lick their wounds for each other.

An anonymous letter sent to the credit rating agencies in 1999 triggered the bankruptcy of CFS founded by Bill Bartmann in 1986. With all his 4000+ employees lost their jobs, Bill himself was nearly sent to jail. At the end, his business partner stayed in the federal prison for 5 years, but Bill escaped the fraud charge with unknown reason.

As we can see that it has long been a real Game of Thornes in the U.S politics and its donation system. Politicians are also hungry for bigger power; businessmen are always greedy for more profits. So under-the-table deals between politicians and businessmen have made democracy system a mirage for citizens. Normal democracy will remain mirage without round political structures.

General election is one of the very few opportunities for common people to execute their voting power to fight against the political institutional corruption.

The America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, sent his historic calling at this very crucial moment “only you (voters) can save America, I cannot, I have done my part!”. This is why President Trump calls to “drain the swamp”. Since corrupted U.S politicians have turned U.S politics system into a dangerous swamp. Only truth can help the righteous American people to cast their votes to the righteous presidential candidate.

May righteousness defeat the wickedness in this historic election of the human history.

American, please wake up!



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