19-year-old Chung Hon-lam, former leader of Student Movement (in Hongkong), was charged with four offenses including secession. He will be detained until trial in January next year

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewed by Wencheng

On October 29, 19-year-old Chung Hon-lam, who was the former leader of Student Movement, was officially charged for secession, spreading seditious remarks, and two counts of money laundering. His trial will be delayed until January next year. As for other former members He Xinnuo and Chen Weixian who were also arrested, Student Movement posted on its Facebook account that the two were released on bail, but the police didn’t change any of the charges. The Police accused these two persons of spreading seditious remarks on social media since September, which was a violation of Article 21 of the National Security Law for Hongkong.

Chung Hon-lam was first arrested on July 29 for violating the National Security Law but was later released on bail. He was again arrested on October 27 at Central District. This morning, he was taken to the West Kowloon Court for hearings by a police car.

According to reports by Mass News on October 29, lawyer Tan Junjie will serve as Chung’s defense attorney. The prosecutor is Zhou Tianxing. And Su Huide will be the judge presiding over the case.

The prosecutor applied for a delay of the trial until January 7 next year, saying that the police need to conduct further investigations, which will consist of checking the defendant’s phone and computer records, checking his bank records, and reading his posts on social media. Judge Su Huide refused to grant him bail.

The Facebook account of Student Movement posted contents advocating for Hongkong’s independence in July, after the National Security Law was passed. Chung and three other former members were arrested on July 29 for operating these webpages. After his arrest, Chung reportedly admitted that he was the person managing the webpage, but he denied making inflammatory remarks. He also left his position as manager of the webpage.

Chung was reportedly again arrested a few days ago for posting pro-independence remarks, which consisted of launching White House Petitions and calling for sanctions against government officials in Hongkong. Chung was accused of being the manager of Student Movement’s webpage.

Student Movement has launched a crowd funding online. It said only donations from pro-independence persons would be accepted.

The four unfair charges against Chung:

  1. Chung was accused of violating Article 20 of the National Security Law. He was accused of engaging in secessionist activities from July 1 to October 27.
  2. He was charged for making seditious publications from November 2018 to June 2020.
  3. He was also accused of money laundering.


As Lude Media pointed out, Chung Hon-Lam was arrested because of betrayal by Zhuang Liehong.

Chung is a brave young hero fighting at the frontline for democracy in Hongkong. Countless fellows support Chung. The Whistleblower Movement’s bugle is ringing.

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