Lude Media In-depth Insights on Why and How the CCP Infiltrates U.S. Economy and Society

October 28, Lude Media Evening Ep. shared some insights and analysis on why and how the Chinese Communist Party uses the Biden Family to infiltrate and undermine the American economy and social system. 

October 29, Lude Media’s guest commentator Mr. Ian shared his insights on the Communist China issue from a historical perspective. 

As more evidence from the Hunter Biden hard drives is revealed, the world begins to see the real danger of the CCP’s malign operations. 

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For evidence of Biden corruption and collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, please visit,, Bannon War Room, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, The National Pulse, New York Post, The Gateway Pundit, Lude Media accounts and Gnews accounts on Gab or Parler. 

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