What a funny story! Hunter Biden is actually the chairman of a “Child Abuse Foundation”

According to reports, the label “Beau Biden Foundation” posted on the laptop of Hunter Biden, who is currently at the center of political and sex scandals, has aroused widespread interest. It is reported that the full name of the foundation is Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.

However, what is striking is that Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, just announced that the laptop contains pornographic material involving underage girls, which is both sad and disgusting.

The report revealed that earlier this year, the Beau Biden Foundation was one of the beneficiaries of the Delaware Epidemic Emergency Fund and received a US$22,000 grant, claiming to be used to provide “online training” to protect children abused. Beau Biden’s Foundation for the Protection of Children claims that its mission is to protect children from abuse, especially on the Internet. It holds lectures and provides training courses to prevent children from being bullied online. What is deeply disturbing is that Hunter Biden himself was accused of child sexual crimes.

It is alleged that in the communication between Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate asked his son: ” This is [redacted 14-year-old girl] right? ” In addition, Hunter Biden has a habit of online sex video chat with underage girls.

Some people speculate that the girl refers to the daughter of Halle Biden. And Hallie Biden is also the co-chair of the foundation, and also maintains a special relationship with Hunter Biden. If this is the case, it will be a devastating blow to the leadership of the foundation.

The foundation once advertised itself, saying: “As adults, we have a legal and moral obligation to stand up and speak out for children who are abused and cannot speak for themselves.”

The report further pointed out that if Hunter Biden is accused of “creating a very unsafe environment for children” and has naked sexual harassment in front of underage girls or even sexual abuse, this information must be disclosed, instead of hiding it for years. It’s ridiculous that Hunter Biden’s foundation provided a $3,000 “protection shield” program to the “Youth Service Organization”, which claims to train employees on how to become “child stewards” and “recognize and report child abuse.” “.

Now people realize that the leaders of this foundation are the ones who need this kind of training.

However, the Beau Biden Foundation scandal is not limited to this. Except for members of the Biden family, the foundation’s board of directors also includes Delaware State University President Tony Allen, Joe Biden’s former speechwriter and special assistant, and members of Joe Biden’s transition team. The board of directors even includes former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

This foundation is like a microcosm, reflecting all the things of the Biden family, including their various ugly behaviors in the political and commercial fields.

Beau Biden (deceased) was a good son in the eyes of Joe Biden. He was the Attorney General of Delaware and held the position for 8 years. The Delaware legal profession is full of his colleagues. It was noted that when Giuliani handed over the laptop to the Delaware authorities, the office of the Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings quickly announced the handover of the laptop to the FBI. Jennings had served under Beau Biden and was helping Joe Biden run for president. He once said: “I have been grateful to the Bidens all my life.”

According to the report analysis, Delaware is a small state with a small circle of politicians. How much do the board members of the Beau Biden Foundation know about the contents of the laptop? Does any of them know that their co-chair may be accused of child sexual abuse? Perhaps, like many questions about Joe Biden, they will neither be asked nor answered.

At the same time, although the co-chairs’ laptops containing photos of suspected underage girls have been submitted to the authorities, the Beau Biden Foundation insists that they will protect children. But who will protect children from sexual assault from Biden?

Author: Hanstyle88

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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great job.


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