What Is Hidden Behind Hunter Biden’s Scandals?

Picture from the Whistleblower Movement

On November 25, 2020 the G-TV media exposed the agreement between Hunter Biden (Vice President Joe Biden’s son) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as fornication materials. It reflected the ugly state of politics in the CCP and the United States, which is unknown, unimaginable and even unbelievable to the ordinary people. However, such heavy bombs have not awakened the United States and the well-known media in the world. 

I have some questions about the strange situation. What is the function of the media? What are a media person’s responsibilities. Why did all the media keep silent?

The media didn’t fulfil the duties because they have been given instructions. The media pretended knowing nothing because they have been assigned secret mission. The media didn’t report about Hunter Biden’s scandals because they are trying to protect the Biden family.

I wonder who assigned the mission to protect the disgraceful family, and what the ultimate purpose of the mission could be.

Mr. Miles Guo is the initiator of the great Whistleblower Movement. We knew the word “BGY Plan” via his live broadcast three years ago (B is Blue for the intelligence; G is Gold for money and Y is Yellow for pornography). Now Mr. Guo presented the typical case of the BGY Plan to the whole world. We can’t keep quiet anymore and won’t live the life set by the scumbags for us. Even if the whole world shuts up, we will definitely continue to speak up.

The Whistleblower Movement is famous and well-deserved. The Whistleblower Movement has aroused our deep thinking on politics.The Whistleblower Movement has become a great revolutionary movement worldwide.The Whistleblower Movement will rewrite the history.

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