Hunter Biden’s Former Partner Patrick Ho is a Spy Chief of CCP

On October 27th, the American media National Winters exclusively disclosed a recording of Hunter Biden. In the recording, Hunter Biden himself admitted that his business partner, Patrick Ho, was the spy chief of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the same time, Hunter Biden also mentioned that Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming, another partner of Hunter Biden, established the company together.

Patrick Ho’s full name is Patrick Ho Chi Ping , and was born on July 24, 1949 in Hong Kong. He  was the first professor of ophthalmology in Hong Kong,  then he joined politics, serving as the Secretary of Home Affairs in Hong Kong. After Patrick Ho resigned from the government on June 30, 2007, he has been engaged in civil diplomacy activities and held positions in some  non-governmental organizations. Since 2010, Patrick Ho has served as the executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Energy Fund Committee. The chairman of the fund committee is Ye Jianming. In fact, the China Energy Fund Committee is a non-profit and non-governmental international Think Tank established in Hong Kong by Ye Jianming’s company CEFC.

CEFC had been proven to be a Chinese energy company controlled by the CCP.  CEFC explored the overseas oil and gas industry through bribing politicians in various countries . Ye Jianming was just a puppet of the CCP in this company. Under the name of a non-governmental organization, Patrick Ho stood at the front to implement the CCP’s BGY strategy to make corruption deals with foreign political leaders. Especially after the CCP launched the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, Patrick Ho, on behalf of CEFC, frequently traveled to and from Asian, African and Latin American countries which are rich in oil and gas resources, frequently met with political elites from various countries to help CCP acquire more oil and gas projects.

Patrick Ho was arrested in New York in November 2017 and charged with eight crimes involving bribery and money laundering. According to the e-mail communication records held by the US Department of Justice, Patrick Ho was accused of bribing the President of Chad Idriss Deby Itno of US$2 million. In addition, he also bribed the Ugandan Foreign Minister for US$500,000, who was the chairman of the 69th UN General Assembly at that time . These acts of bribery were all for CEFC to obtain oil resources locally. In addition, Patrick Ho was accused of being involved in money laundering during several collections.

The New York Times reported that Patrick Ho immediately called Jim Biden for help while being arrested by the New York police . Jim Biden told journalist that Patrick Ho should be looking for Hunter Biden, so he gave him Hunter Biden’s contact information. Furthermore, Jim Biden added  that Hunter Biden had negotiated investment business opportunity with Ye Jianming before, but then nothing happened.

In fact, Patrick Ho played an important role between Ye Jianming and the Biden family. On October 28, 2020, National Plus disclosed an email about Hunter Biden’s hard drive. The email was regarding that Jim Biden sent an email to Mervyn Yan, namely Ye Jianming, copying to Hunter Biden. Jim Biden provided the bank account number of the fund represented by Patrick Ho in the email and asked Mervyn to wire the fund to the provided account .

Why did Jim Biden have Patrick Ho’s fund bank account? Obviously Patrick Ho might have close relationship with Biden’s family . Secondly when Jim Biden sent this email, Patrick Ho was being detained in a New York police detention center. Why did Jim Biden ask Mervyn Yan to remit money to Patrick Ho’s fund account ? It’s highly possible that the account was actually for Biden’s family , but the name under Patrick Ho.  According to the Lude Media, Patick Ho’s fund account is just the money laundering tool for the Biden family. In this way, any fund transaction between the CCP and the Biden family can be laundered through Patrick Ho’s fund account, and apparently there was nothing relationship between the Biden family and these funds, but actually the Biden ‘s family might be the beneficial party in Patrick Ho’s fund . And no person could find the truth .  

Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming acted as the CCP’s puppet and spy. Once everything were revealed, the results were very miserable for them .In fact, Ye Jianming was secretly arrested by the CCP in 2019, and his whereabouts are still unknown. According to the Lude Media, Ye Jianming had been “suffered” to death by a heart attack in prison. CEFC has gone bankrupt in 2019, and the China Energy Fund Committee, which has lost the support of its funders, also announced its suspension of activities in 2019.

When Patrick Ho was accused by the U.S. prosecutors, the CCP controlled company CEFC immediately issued a statement, keeping away from any relationship with Patrick Ho. And his family in Hong Kong sold their houses to pay his high lawyer fees in the United States. In March 2019, Patrick Ho Chi Ping was sentenced to 3 years and fined 400,000 US dollars. In mid-June 2020, Patrick Ho was released early and returned to Hong Kong because of his ‘good behavior’.

【Author】 Randy Young


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