Roar of the vast sea, down of the red devil

You are now watching the Whistleblower Movement series brought to you by NFSC television.

As the influence of corruption has broken through the boundaries of nationalities and borders, a ‘loan’ agreement recently entangled the Chinese Communist Party with some blatantly corrupt high-ranking US officials.

Supranational crime groups dealing in corruption have been hiding their filthy greed and shady connections with the help of the CCP’s illegitimate children and its entrusted representatives in other countries.     

Through a loan agreement with Bohai Harvest RST(Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co. , Hunter Biden received an interest-free loan of 3 million rmb, through which he managed to acquire 10% of the company which summed up to 50 million US dollars worth of equity. The detail of this exposed agreement is as follows.

The figures involved in this agreement are no different than a group of vampires who have being ripping off and murdering the Chinese people. To this day, they are still living a lavish lifestyle without fearing any repercussions. However, It’s now time for them to pay back the stolen money! Under the leadership of the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China will join its forces in the coming ten days, to destroy the dens of these devils. Each one of us from the NFSC is a warrior who fights for justice!

We pledge to fight for the future of NFSC, for our children and our people to the very last breath.

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