The Secret of Hunter Biden’s Back Tattoo

The content from the “three hard drives” has attracted widespread attention on the Internet, which includes a selfie of Hunter Biden with a back tattoo visible, and has sparked Internet debate and speculation. Some netizens pointed out that the photo of the tattoo design and the Five Finger Lakes, New York satellite image are identical, and the veins branches match almost exactly. So is there something hidden in it?

Let’s follow along with today’s blurb.

The Finger Lakes are located in west-central New York State, USA, and are made up of a group of narrow, glacial lakes of varying lengths that look like fingers on a map, hence their name. It is reported that Neilia Hunter, Hunter Biden’s mother, was raised in her hometown near the Finger Lakes in a small lakeside town called Skaneateles. In a loan agreement recently leaked between Hunter Biden and BHR (Bohai Harvest Rosemont), which first came to light on October 24, 2020, Hunter Biden holds a 10% equity stake in BHR through a company called Skaneateles. It is evident that the name of this town is significant to the relationship between Hunter Biden and his mother.

Hunter Biden (FOR KIM: may have?) revealed in an interview that the meaning behind his tattoo was his mother growing up near the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York. With the exposure of numerous perverted erotic photos of Hunter Biden and the fact that the Biden family is in open partnership with the Chinese Communist Party, netizens have more questions about the company and the tattoo.

One user tweeted, “The Biden tattoo is an accurate map of the Five Finger Lakes in upstate New York …… The area is known for the underground railroad tunnels used to transport slaves, creepy mansions and abandoned military bunkers ……”

The Underground Railroad mentioned in the tweet is actually a 500-mile network of secret passageways that back in the day helped slaves from the southern United States escape into Canada. DAILY Messenger also ran a story on human trafficking in the Finger Lakes region last November, noting that human trafficking was occurring in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. 

The Lutheran News Agency repeatedly mentioned on air that “three hard drives” contained a large number of photos of Hunter Biden abusing children, while the former mayor of New York, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, said in several interviews that it was confirmed that Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained “numerous photos of underage girls.

So where did the girls who became Hunter Biden’s sex slaves come from? How did they get into the United States and get mutilated? Where are they now? Are they alive?

On October 16, 2020, the New York Post released a report that implied that behind all the craziness of Hunter Biden’s life lies a painful soul. Mr. Luther also mentioned on the October 16 broadcast that this New York Post report reveals just a little bit more, and that Hunter Biden had a much more painful childhood.

Combine all of this evidence and reporting, and it seems to point to the possibility that the Five Finger Lakes Underpass is now a nefarious underground base for human trafficking, and that Hunter Biden may be involved with that as well.

On October 25 the GTV community uncovered documents relating to Xi’s relationship with Jia Yueting, Wang Xin and Biden during his 2015 visit to the US. The contents show that LeEco requested that arrangements be made for Xi to visit LeEco’s Los Angeles-based company during his visit to the U.S. or to help Jia be able to speak at any of the meet-and-greets Xi attended. Promising Bohai Harvest Rosemont (BHR) and its shareholders the following benefits: first, a one-time consulting fee to BHR. The second is the opportunity to participate in a joint investment between LeEco and BHR and become a shareholder in no less than $3.5 billion of Los Angeles/Silicon Valley operations. Third, a long-term partnership to participate in LeEco’s overseas acquisitions and joint expansion of its overseas “empire”.

The 23rd uncovered document shows that BHR gave the Biden family a 10% stake in the company by way of a loan. Now the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘genetic map product’ (also known as the multigenerational plan for the CCP to infiltrate the West), Wang Xin (Wang Qishan’s illegitimate daughter), and Hunter Biden are using the Communist Party’s elite and the Biden family’s resources in the United States to handle “delicate” requests, and the documents implicate many top-level and powerful interests, including the family of Xi Jinping, the family of Wang Qishan, and Former U.S. Vice President Biden’s family.

In 2015, LeEco further broadened it’s markets and overseas capital operations, LeEco total business revenue was nearly 10 billion yuan, and in May of the same year LeEco market capitalization was over 170 billion yuan. LeEco’s Jia Yueting, while acting as the ‘white gloves’ of the powerful family of the CCP, took orders from the powerful group’s leading multigenerational and illegitimate children, and infiltrated the United States by using the “blue, gold, yellow (BGY) plan” as a means to enslave the Chinese people and steal the wealth of Americans by colluding with the highest levels of the United States. This document is just the tip of the iceberg, and subsequent revelations will include more and more videos, photos, documents, and will show the truth to the people of the world. For 70 years, the people of China have been enslaved by the Chinese Communist Party and need to recover their dignity. Anyone who steals money from the Chinese people, enslaves them, or plays with their children, we will never accept. The purpose of all of this is to destroy the Chinese Communist Party.

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