[Breaking News] Hunter Biden and associates have been under FBI investigation since 2019

Author: MOS Himalaya-Villager

According to a tweet by Sinclair Investigative reporter James Rosen today, A DOJ official confirmed that the FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden and his associates since 2019 for money laundering.

According to James Rosen’s interview with Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of Biden’s family business, the investigation has focused on Biden’s family business, it’s dealing with China’s CEFC and other countries.

Bobulinski told James Rosen that he was questioned by up to 6 FBI agents for 5 hours on October 23 with his attorney present. Bobulinski’s cell phone was also examined and he was listed as “material witness” for the investigation of Hunter Biden and his associates.

According to yesterday’s Fox interview with Bobulinski, Hunter Biden allegedly worked for CEFC in an eventually failed acquisition deal to buy 14% of a Russian state oil company Rosneft. CEFC is a Chinese energy giant, effectively one of business arms of Chinese Communist Party.

According to GNews.org reports, the emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive revealed that, Hunter Biden’s business Rosemont Senaca Partners formed a join venture investment fund, BHR Partners, with a number of questionable entities from China and backed by Chinese Communist Party. In that joint venture, Hunter Biden owns 20%, Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, owns 10%. And possibly Hunter Biden holds 10% for Joe Biden as well, which the presidential candidate denied his awareness.

However, Bobulinski alleged that Joe Biden was fully aware of the family business and personally interviewed and met with Bobulinski at least twice.

As The FBI investigation is still open, Joe Biden possibly has been under investigation as well. As more and more contents from the hard drives started to get exposed, the fate for the presidential candidate and his campaign is increasingly darkening.

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This Is The Burner
4 months ago


“The most troubling issue that Wray may face is the fact that his law firm — King & Spalding — represents Rosneft and Gazprom, two of Russia’s largest state-controlled oil companies.”

“Hunter Biden allegedly worked for CEFC in an eventually failed acquisition deal to buy 14% of a Russian state oil company Rosneft.”