U.S. Election, Stock Market, The CCP—Whose Game Is It?

It was in the news that, Wednesday, Oct. 28, stock market closed near lows, with Dow dropping more than 900, and Nasdaq shedding 3.7%. To the people of the anti-CCP “Whistleblower Movement”, this wasn’t totally unexpected. 

The meaning of “stock” as an economic term is “the capital raised by a business or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares”. To explain from a non-professional perspective, it is primarily meant to mutually benefit those who have capital and those with productivity, by sharing the profit based on certain rules. Normally, the gain of each party should be proportional to their contribution. 

In Communist China, the above understanding scarcely applies. The capital is seized and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”), people as the main body of productivity is enslaved, and the profit is taken away by the CCP, all because they have absolute power of the country to make the “rules”. What’s more, they control the internet, the medias and the law enforcement, so that no one could criticize or oppose them, and many had no choice but to obey and collaborate with them. The CCP have made the stock market a tool to seize wealth, launder money, exploit retail investors, and cover up their crimes. They have also made their way into the world markets, and are absorbing foreign investments, such as pension funds and education funds, taxpayer’s money. Now they have made the U.S. stock market a weapon in the “unrestricted warfare” against the United States. 

According to Lude Media, at this critical moment of the 2020 U.S. Election, the CCP has prepared many moves to interfere. One of them is the stock market. Think about the last two years, the U.S. market experienced sharp downs after Trump Administration said “decouple with China”, “sanction Hong Kong”, and a week before the 2020 Election. Lude Media commented, the market was manipulated by the CCP and their colluders in the U.S. government. Their purpose is to strangle U.S. China policies with the influence from the elites, say, the Wall Street. The pandemic spread by the CCP is another move to destroy the U.S. economy, including the stock market. 

Game on. The CCP is gambling big and their bets are on the greed of human nature. They promise their collaborators big interests in the Chinese market, in return for their choice of  the Presidential candidate. They have long launched a “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme, which trapped many people into working for them. Mr. Bannon, “the Barbarian”, often mentioned elites and “Davos”. If greed wins, the CCP will continue with their world domination plan and be the real winner of the 2020 U.S. Election. If not, they will be kicked out of the game and collapse in no time. 

To our disappointment, according to the “Whistleblower Movement”’s Lude Media and Mr. Bannon’s War Room, the Wall Street is still pouring money into Communist China. The risk of doing so, from our perspective, is the following. 

The lack of transparency is a huge risk. In many cases, people don’t know whose pockets their money goes to, how it is used, how much profit it generates, how the profit is distributed, or what the outlook is. Some investigations revealed that even company profiles were fabricated and the money was invested in shell companies. There’s a possibility that the principal is lost. A typical example in Communist China is the “P2P Lending” projects, which were basically Ponzi schemes backed by the CCP government at different levels. Many Chinese people went bankruptcy. 

On the other hand, a profitable company run by the CCP and their associates is probably a labor camp for the working Chinese people. As Mr. Bannon mentioned in War Room, in many places in Communist China, workers earn $1 for 10 hours of work a day. They don’t have proper medical insurance or pension. The suicide rate stays high. Check the news on Foxconn’s factories in mainland China. In some places, prisoners and minority people are used as slave labors, making products that bring huge profits to the CCP companies. But they don’t get their fair share. Profits shared from these companies are truly the blood money of these Chinese “laobaixing”.

People may think it’s a normal economic practice to invest in the Communist Chinese market. The truth is, a market controlled by the CCP only runs by the CCP’s rules. The money and technology poured in enable them to monopolize supply chains, steal IP, take away jobs, influence politics and “Blue-Gold-Yellow” elites. It’s a national security issue. 

In this game where rules have been set by the west, the CCP is a bad actor, that never abides by the rules or fulfills a commitment. Engaging them, others need to be more evil in order to beat them. Say, spread a more lethal virus? Or, they are going to rewrite the rules and replace the game with theirs. 

Lude Media predicted that the CCP was to manipulate the U.S. market to influence the 2020 Election against President Trump. It happened in the last three days. No pains, no gains. It’s probably inevitable to suffer some losses. But as Mr. Miles Guo always says, America is such a great country that its people, the rule of law, its national power are undefeated. The New Federal State of China is a group of new Chinese people who are fighting against the CCP to bring peace, hope, cooperation and clean wealth to the world. The Chinese market is still there, except we need to kick out the bad actors. Eventually, it should be the game that justice wins, and it’s time we made a right choice.

Image from Mr. Guo’s Getter

( Opinions are authors’. Thank you for reading.)

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