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LUDE Media on the evening of October 28, 2020 [1] once again exposed evidence of the Biden family’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) — it further confirmed the Biden family’s crime of betraying the United States. As the “three hard drives” incident continues to ferment, LUDE Media broke the news that CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping was deeply anxious about this recently and kept visiting former top CCP seniors for assistance.

  1. The Biden family’s emails exposed, showing evidence of money laundering through He Zhiping
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On October 28, 2020, Raheem Kassam from War Room posted a screenshot of an email message on his Twitter [2]. It confirms that Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden has colluded with the CCP. The email message was sent by Jim Biden to Ye Jianming and copied to Dong Gongwen and Hunter Biden. The Biden family collects bribes through the funds of He Zhiping, the head of CCP’s secret service in the United States to let Biden family launder money in China. The previous revelations have confirmed that Biden personally admitted that He Zhiping was the head of CCP’s secret service. Knowing this fact, they still colluded with the CCP, received substantial money, and completely sold out the United States.

2. Biden’s corruption exposed, Xi Jinping panicked

LUDE Media once again broke the news: The CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping is extremely nervous about the fermentation of the Biden family scandal. Initially, Xi had high hopes that if Biden was elected president, Xi would win. Xi was once on the Standing Committee because he was promoted by Jia Qinglin, who later became the CCP’s General Secretary. After that Xi succeeded in taking down Bo Xilai, Xu Caihou, Zhou Yongkang, and other senior officials with the help of Joe Biden. Therefore, Xi was able to rapidly develop his personal power and become a total dictator. As soon as Biden loses the election and goes to jail, Xi will be completely finished because a large number of forces within the CCP want to kill him.

The Whistleblower Movement’s exposition of Hunter Biden’s “hard drive gate” incident made Xi feel deeply worried because of his lack of finding a real solution. Recently, he has visited the former seniors of the CCP and asked them for advice. Since yesterday, he has been completely depressed, lost confidence, and gone crazy. This is a historic moment!

He asked former seniors of the CCP for help to defeat the United States again. The CCP manipulated the U.S. stock market and caused a plunge in the past two days. “Three hard drives” mainly refers to three aspects of content, which can be installed in several hard drives. One of them is the disclosure of the CCP’s blue, gold, and yellow (BGY) overseas forces, which has been verified. The other two are the wealth map and genetic map of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan overseas, and the third is their biological weapons program.

The currently announced corruption information not only involves the Biden family, but also Hollywood stars. In the future, the news will be revealed on Wall Street tycoons, Democratic and Republican corrupt figures.  The Biden family represents the entire chain of interests that the U.S. has colluded with the CCP in recent decades, and they are the originators, along with the bigwigs behind them, helping the Chinese Communist Party to take care of Hollywood, corporate and political power. Biden helped the CCP lobby various American industries, exporting tech products, stealing high technology, destroying American manufacturing. The Biden family totally betrayed America for their own family interests.

3: The CCP’s collusion with Wall Street hits U.S. Stock Market

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LUDE Media has reported that as the presidential election approaches, the CCP is set to hit the US stock market. On the one hand, the power behind the U.S. stock market is Wall Street. On the other hand, the CCP can use Ping An insurance’s massive funds to manipulate the U.S. stock market and profit from it. Ping An Insurance (Group) has now completely subservient to Xi Jinping, and HNA Group is powerless compared to Ping An Insurance (Group). The group holds substantial funds and can completely control the US stock market. At the same time, 80% of investors in the U.S. stock market are professional players, and the CCP can fully allow Wall Street to cooperate and control the stock market. This is how the U.S. stock market plummeted for no apparent reason in the past two days. According to the CCP’s tricks, the U.S. stock market will definitely fall until the U.S. presidential election, and the CCP hopes to use this to attack President Trump. Looking back on the past two years, the U.S. stock market has gone up substantially. Even during the pandemic, the U.S. stock market can still rise. This is the result of the cooperation between Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Wall Street, and the CCP. They are hoping to stop President Trump from going after the CCP. But once the most critical moment is reached, they will surely suppress the stock market and give President Trump a fatal blow.

In the coming week, the CCP will not only continue to suppress the U.S. stock market, but also continue to increase the number of Coronavirus cases, allowing the New York Times and other left media to accuse President Trump of incompetent management, and then they will continue to allow radical groups like Antifa to disrupt the American social order, manipulate American voters and other shameless acts.

At present, the CCP is already in a desperate position, the Whistleblower Movement will make stronger moves to release more shocking videos and photos in the coming week that will expose more Hollywood stars, Wall Street bigwigs, and corrupt Democrat and Republican officials! 

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