CCP Virus Pandemic Ep271: the CCP is behind the hacking of U.S. cybersecurity

  1. The U.S. Department of Security said on the 20th that the CCP is behind the hacking of U.S. cybersecurity.
  2. Governing the country with CCP police: In 2019, the cost of “Maintaining Stability” in China was nearly 1.4 trillion RMB (209 billion USD). The CCP not only increased the burden on people’s lives by industrializing health care and education, but also suppressed taxpayers with their tax money. In the video, we saw in a small county there was a stability maintenance team consisting of nearly 100 persons.
  3. ID registration is required to buy a kitchen knife in Xinjiang, and the same to buy a gas can in Beijing. On September 25 2020, the “Beijing Gas Management Regulations” was passed. Beijing became the first to implement the real-name system of purchasing bottled gas. Pervasive monitoring shows CCP’s fear of awareness of the common people.
  4. Education against humanity in Communist China:  A child was forced to choose between grandpas, grandmas, father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends and the rule is, only one person could live. The child had to cross off each of family members, relatives and friends on the blackboard, and finally only the father got to live on. The child burst into tears in the end.
  5. (Lude Media, 10/21) When Hunter Biden went to China, in his first visit to that place with Joe Biden, the person he met was Che Feng and the place was Pangu Plaza. Back then, Che Feng was on a mission, i.e. to “take care of” Hunter Biden. As soon as Hunter Biden sat down, the first thing he said was “I’m very poor. How do I get cash? I need cash. I would have a house, and need USD 100 to 200 million for it.” That’s the general idea of his words, and then he asked for girls. So basically, Che Feng thought, “This is way too fast as he (Hunter) is so willing. This is not fishing at all. The fish is rushing to bite the hook.” This was Hunter’s first time.
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