Joe Biden was Unable to Lead America but Lead His Family into Incest and Crime

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Like most politicians, Joe Biden has two or more faces. When facing the public, he says he is the most reliable, authentic, ethical and brilliant political role model who represents the interests of everyone, regardless of color, race, class or cultural background. However, when the public has no access to him, he uses the power of the State and his family to carry out ugly, evil and illegal criminal activities. How can we unmask Joe Biden’s media-speaking, self-proclaimed moral leader and see clearly that he is in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the totalitarian regime and is compromised by the CCP to sell the interests and securities of the United States? When the mainstream media and high-tech social media are deliberately suppressing the truth and banning citizen’s free speech, GTV and GNews, fearless of the CCP and other evil forces in the world, has become the light of justice that are exposing the depths of Joe Biden’s corruption and criminality.

Joe Biden declared that he had not taken a penny from any other country, but he stood to make $50 million on just one contract

Joe Biden claimed in the last presidential debate that he had not taken a penny from any foreign country. However, a contract exposed by GTV and GNews shows that Hunter Biden, in the name of Skaneateles, without spending a penny, borrowed a guaranteed unsecured loan of US $400,000 from Li Xiangsheng  and Wang Xin, the illegitimate daughter of Wang Qishan, and invested in BHR (Bohai Harvest RST) to obtain 10% of the equity, now has market value of US $50 million. This is what he said, not taking a penny, but stood to make $50 million without spending a penny. If someone doubts on it, referring Joe Biden is not on the company board, he/she must understand it is impossible for Hunter to get the huge contract without Joe’s administrative position and influences.    

Image source:Screenshot of Lude Media on 10/19

He claimed to be moral leader who actually lead his family into incest and crime

Joe Biden is used to talking about morality, sympathy, compassion and concern, and calling himself the representative of moral leadership. But GTV and GNews have exposed for five days in a row the truth hidden in the hard drives, making it clear to the ordinary people that Biden’s so-called codes of ethics and standards are an insult and a stain on the word “ethics”.

Why did Hunter Biden become a devil of child abuse, incest, lust and drug addicts? It is inseparable from his father’s hypocrisy, deceit, shamelessness and indulgence. The Emails exposed from “Thegatewaypundit” revealed that Joe Biden, his wife and his brother were aware of Hunter’s incest and child sex abuse, but they all ignored and played deaf and dumb.  A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. Having driven his son Hunter into such a corrupt and evil deals, Joe Biden as the father is inescapable to take the blame for his job. Joe Biden’s “extraordinary moral leadership” has led his extended family into a world of child abuse, incest, lust, deceit, fragment and crime.

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He said he knew nothing about his son’s business, but actually gang up for Hunter on corrupt foreign state-owned capital

Since 2019 and throughout this election, Joe Biden repeatedly stressed that he knew nothing about his son’s business activities. However, the untruth is focusing on him, so his PLAUSIBLE DENIABIITY has proven him to be a big liar and inglorious bastard.

According to the report of “Biden and his activities with the CCP”, Hunter Biden has been meeting and visiting several Chinese state-owned enterprises since 2010, including National Council for Social Security Fund, Hillhouse Capital, China-United States Exchange Foundation, China Investment Corporation, China Life Insurance Company, Postal Savings Bank of China and Peking University Founder Group. How could his son, Hunter, meet with the heads of China’s biggest state-owned Banks and enterprises if they weren’t for the access to Joe Biden as the Vice-President of the U.S. ?

On February 17, 2012, Joe Biden met with Xi Jinping who was then the Vice President of China. Two days later, on February 19, 2012, Hunter Biden’s company Seneca Global Advisors entered into a $420 million equity investment and $1.25 billion project financing with Wanxiang Group Corporation on behalf of a U.S.-based company, GreatPoint Energy. Senior officials from both countries attended the signing ceremony. With such an obvious fact, Joe Biden still claimed to know nothing about his son’s business activities. So everything he said and says in public was not credible at all.

Image source:Typhoon investigations

He claimed to be an active defender of human rights, but secretly betrayed more than 60 CIA informants

After becoming this year’s Democratic Presidential Nominee, Biden told New York Times, “When I become president, human rights will be at the heart of American foreign policy.” This is a flat-out lie.

Lude exposed in his show on October 19 that Biden and Obama gave Xi Jinping a list of CIA informants in Beijing in order to collude with the soon-to-be president. This list includes 36 CIA contractors working for China’s security services, as well as more than 20 others who served CIA, for a total of more than 60 people. These people were patriots, who joined American CIA to take down the totalitarian regime because of their intolerance to CCP’s evil conducts. However, the more than 60 CIA agents with humanity consciousness were brutally shot to death after Joe Biden and Obama sold out their names to Xi, Jinping.

Image source:Screenshot of Lude Media on 10/19

More than 20 CIA informants from China Ministry of Security were called to a meeting, and the security services shot and killed them on the spot. Among them, Tong Bao guo was the confidential secretary of Tianjin Ministry of Security, and all of her three family members were directly shot to death. Another pregnant woman, who was due to give birth within a dozen days, was also shot straight away. Even worse than this incident itself, it was followed by other western politicians, who also sold XI, Jinping the list of the informants cooperating with their own countries. Intelligence agents were betrayed, the security and national interests of the United States were compromised, and these have contributed to the loss of trust and confidence in the United States, a beacon of freedom and democracy. Biden and Obama sold out CIA informants and caused their death just for their personal gains. Therefore, Biden has demonstrated with actions how he has put the protection of human rights at the heart of his foreign policy.

He announced that the U.S. would lead the world, but in reality he was trying to weaken, destabilize and kill America.

On foreign policy, Joe Biden spoke of restoring and renewing American leadership in western democracies. In a foreign policy speech delivered in New York City on July 11, 2019, he emphasized that American leadership should be focused not just on the model of power, but on the power of model. It is obvious that Biden was deliberately mystifying to fool audience by playing with words.

What is it like to use the power as a model? What type of model is it to be used as the power? Such empty and abstract terms can only fool those uninformed voters. But in the face of hard drive disclosures of the truth, we have a clearer picture of what kind of model and power Biden has claimed.

When Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski spoke to Fox Tucker Carlson on October 17th, 2020, it was made clear that he spoke to Biden alone at the time and that Joel Biden was involved. Also, Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, himself said that they would choose PLAUSIBLE DENIALIBITY if the issue of working with the CCP spies was exposed during a potential presidential election run by Joel Biden.

On October 27th, 2020, at Steve Bannon’s War Room, Jack Posobiec revealed relevant hard drive recordings in which Hunter admitted to working with the CCP’s spy chief, and that the U.S. prosecuting attorney for the Southern District of New York had become involved in the investigation. Hunter’s business partner, Devon, and his father, Joe Biden, both named Hunter as a witness to a criminal case without telling him. The continued exposure and coverage of Biden family’s Hard Drives by GTV, GNews and War Room, among a handful of other truth- and justice-seeking media, has proven that Joe Biden and his family are the most successful scenario of the CCP’s BGY (Blue-Gold-Yellow) Project. Biden’s family is not only compromised but tightly controlled by the CCP.

Therefore, Biden’s role model and power is that he has been good at conspiring and colluding with the CCP regime to sell out the national security and interests of the United States and the interests of ordinary Americans for his personal and family gain. His idea of restoring and renewing leadership in western democracies is nothing but joining the corrupt political forces of the CCP and the rest of the world, Wall Street predators, high-tech social media and mainstream media, to weaken, destabilize, and kill the United States and lead the world into the land of doom.

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Translator: Squirrel

Proof-Reader:Voice of Heart

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

BGY (Blue-Gold-Yellow) Project/Plan by the Chinese Communist Party:
B (code for Blue)- Intelligence/ Information Spy;
G (code for Gold)- Bribery;
Y (code for Yellow) – Sexpionage.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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