A Heart Controlled by the Devil

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Massive shocking facts related to the Biden’s family in the past few days have been exposed by the Whistleblower’s Movement initiated by Mr. Miles Kwok. Even though Mr. Kwok has kept calling the fellow fighters to work on both physical and mental health, such shocking, even disgusting, facts including lots of pictures and videos might still have destroyed a large number of fragile hearts. As per what Mr. Kwok has told all of us, the entire world would have been enslaved by the most evil and dangerous devil after the second world war in case the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) cannot be taken down. 

Probably 99.99% of the mankind on the planet have not found out what happened to the world we are living. While sitting in front of the TV or computer and listening to the speech from those polite hypocrites with a huge halo, people felt excited and started to look forward to the illusory future they promised. While taking a close look at the scandals exposed, people took initiative to make excuses and believed that those hypocrites may have been politically framed. However, when the solid evidence and facts have been exposed to the entire world, people cannot help asking why and what happened.

The principle behind is quite simple. Ancient Chinese culture raised the concept of Yin and Yang, which will convert between each other and maintain balance. Similarly, the mindset of natural humans possesses both good and evil sides as well. The evil side within the mind of those corrupted politicians such as Joe Biden has fully covered the good side, which can pretty much explain what has happened to our world so far. 

The United States of America is the greatest, not even of, countries in the world. Americans are proud of the prosperous economy, the advanced technology and the well-established constitution. One day a devil, the CCP, approached the nation and applied “Blue-Gold-Yellow” to those so-called elite class. The devil promised these people with benefits way beyond their imagination as long as they are willing to co-operate and follow the instruction from the devil. In consequence, more and more elite class people cannot withstand the temptation and decide to pursue the benefits promised by the devil even with the cost of over-writing the constitution, sacrificing their people and betraying their nation. 

It could be true that 99.99% of the people are ignorant or even naïve. They always believe such corrupted politicians and elite class people at least possess the essential human nature. Unfortunately, people eventually felt disappointed and even crashed when they found out that the measurement of human nature failed. With taking a close look at the 30-year history regarding what happened between the CCP and American elite class, it may not be difficult to find out that the starting point was simply the mind of people. If we still would like to save the family we love, the nation we care about and the world we are living, we will have to start with making changes in people’s mind. 

Author: Lily

Translator: Neal

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver -2020/10/30

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

great message Lily. Human nature is really nothing else except the nature of the Devil.Man’s goodness is still a fallen thing.