The Third Wave(Email 9 Declassification):5/17/2014 James J. Bulger one of the founders of Thornton emailed to Jack Owen updating the status of their China WFOE

You’ve seen previous two waves of exposure of evidence. Now the 3rd wave is coming!  Let’s think through all the facts by brainstorming. We have a cold stone case.  Those facts and evidence can proof what and how those kleptocracies in CCP China and the U.S. have done to harm and threaten the humanity by ignoring the rule of law.  You’ve seen that in the photos, after losing humanity, they treated women without any dignity or respect but just like sex slaves. We have most of those evidencing videos, but we decided not to release them for now due to its very sensitive, non-human or even torturous characteristics.  We may release such depends on circumstance.

For now, we’re releasing the facts regarding what and how the “Burisma” [a Ukraine oil and gas company, in which Hunter Biden and his associates were on the board previously] colluded with the CCP and Bidens.  You will see cold stone facts, including documents and emails, also who have been involved in this collusion around the world. We’re encouraging everyone all across the world who has conscience read and think.  If this kind of dark and dirty facts were not revealed to the world, all human beings are walking into the darkness, the darkest in our human history!

5/17/2014 James J. Bulger (Jimmy), one of the founders of Thornton emailed to Jack Owen (one of Joe Biden’s closest friend from the law school), copied to Michael Lin (founder of Thornton Group) and Michael Leonard updating the status of their China WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise), including studying the local laws to specify which authorities they need to contact with


From: “James Bulger” <[email protected]…….>
To: “Jack Owens” <[email protected] …….>
Cc:Michael Chun-Liang Lin; Michael Leonard Bcc: [email protected]…….
Time: 5/17/2014 2:44 AM
Subject: China WFOE


Please give us until Monday to review a few more laws and regulations in Beijing
We want to be sure of our next steps here 

I may have you answer a few question on Monday so we can get specific with the appropriate authority’s in China

Thanks for your patience


James J. Bulger

Boston, MA 02108
Office tel:…..


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3 months ago

What is Hunter up to these days? There’s a few clues at a website with news about the Wild West as well as the Wild East —



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