Hunter Biden’s Leaked Email Revealed Conspiracy between Biden and CCP to Scandalize Wengui Guo

Reporter: Riverside

Contributor: Holli Star

A leaked email chain from Bob Fu (alias Bob Fenet) to Hunter Biden dated back in 2017 contained a report from the Wall Street  Journal, which used false information to scandalize Wengui Guo. It is clear that it was Bob Fu that paid for the report with false accusations to be published. It turns out although Bob Fu is a Republican, he had long been working with Hunter Biden. 

In 2017, the Wall Street Journal sent Bob Fu (alias Bob Fenet) a report that contained false accusations of Wengui Guo. Guo has been a proactive activist against CCP since 2017. Bob soon forwarded the email to Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), who subsequently forwarded to Hunter Biden. It turns out that Bob had been funding the Wall Street Journal’s attack on Wengui Guo, and he served as a middleman between the media and the Biden family. Although he appears as a Republican, Bob has been working with Hunter Biden for a long time. It is just a matter of time before more CCP spies are revealed with the materials on hard drive.

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3 months ago

bob fu is a very evil guy