Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Late Night Show on Oct 28,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club

Biden Emails Exposure Patrick Ho laundering Money for Biden Family; Why Xi Not Confident?

• According to Mr. Lu De’s source, with Biden’s election in big trouble, Xi Jinping is very terrified these days. If Biden loses this election, Xi could be taken out by other gangs of the Chinese Communist Party. So now Xi must ask some patriarchs for help.

• Based on the current stock market’s decline, the CCP has begun to move. They are shorting US stocks and releasing more viruses to attack President Trump’s election. The Whistleblower Movement would have to go straight for the jugular.

• New email communications between Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Ye Jianming, and Dong Gongwen reveal:
1. Hunter Biden served as the “managing director” of CEFC China energy-a company with deep ties to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army(PLA).
2.The Bidens used the account of “the fucking spy chief of China” to laundry money.

• Dr. Yan Limeng has prepared a report to fight back against CNN’s smear campaign against him.

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