【1】The Third Wave of “Laptop From Hell” Exposé! Hard Drive Email Declassification: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Devon Archer And Vadim Pozharskyi From Burisma

The video link: https://gtv.org//?videoid=5f9d4eabbd0d464fade2593d

Dear brothers-in-arms! Everyone’s attention must have been attracted by the videos and photos exposed over the past few days. Now, the brainstorming time is coming! Are you ready? What follows are evidences as solid as gravity, showing what harms and threats the Chinese and American kleptocrats are imposing to the whole of mankind and disclosing their ignorance to law and order, total humiliations to females, and their complete loss of humanity.

In fact, most videos on the hard drives are extremely sensitive and extremely inhumane, with extremely cruel pictures that cannot be broadcasted, so they will be processed later.

Now presented are the ironclad facts of the collusion between Burisma and Hunter Biden and the CCP, including the exchanges of documents and email message, and the interaction of the people involved! We hope brothers-in-arms around the world will take a look. If such things are not exposed, mankind will go into utter darkness all around!

Sender: Vadim Pozharskyi

Date:  5/7/2014 7:46AM

To: Devon Archer

Re: Kazahstan visit/visa issue

Dear Devon,

Following our previous communicaitons could you please update me on few points with regard to visit to Kazakhstan, that is being planed after meetings in Kiev.

Dates, do you have an understanding as to the exact dates of travel?

Counterparts: whom do we plan to meet, on what level, top management including politics only, or should we engage our geologists/experts with us also?

Contents of the talks: what topics, directions of cooperation we are planning to discuss?

If we are to talk about possible working with gaz fileds in Kazakhstant, it would be very helpfully to receive from Kazhah side any possible preliminary information on the gaz fields,areas,etc, that could be subject of talks, so that our geologgists/experts would prepare for our delegation to conduct productive negotiations.

Have you got any news as to Nicolay’s visa issue?

Best regards, Vadym

Sender: Devon Archer

Date:  5/7/2014 16:03

To: Vadim Pozharskyi

Re: Kazahstan visit/visa issue


I will provide a full itinerary for KZ next week but the primary meeting is set with the Prime Minster of KZ, Masimof, on June 2nd.  Everything will revolve around that meeting and the subject will be securing the highest quality proven reserve fields in KZ.  Additional concepts for cooperation will be discussed as well.

Please provide some additional potential objectives from your side.

Additionally, my 40th birthday party in Almaty on the 31st will be a focus.

Tentatively, we are looking at arriving Kiev early evening the 28th and departing Kiev after dinner the 30th or early morning the 31st. Speding Sunday in Almaty and then meetings in Astana Monday and Tuesday.

There is a preliminary plan from there for me and Alex to travel to Beijing from Astana.  If we are able to coordinate CNOOC cooperation meetings in that time frame we would be hopeful you and Nicolay can join us as well. We would plan to depart Beijing if those meetings make sense June 5th or 6th for our respective homes.

I’ll follow up on Vadim’s visa today.



Sender: Vadim Pozharskyi

Date:  5/8/2014 4:24AM

To: Devon Archer

Re: Kazahstan visit/visa issue

Dear Devon,

Thank you for your feedback.

Will discuss with colleagues and get back to you on this.

Best regards, Vadym

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1 year ago

I found Gnews links about this Irish shanty crime family at Hunter Biden’s least favorite website: https://PressCalifornia.com