The Third Wave(Email 4 Declassification): Devon Archer reported to Hunter about the itinerary of Burisma’s executives to US,Mexico and Kazakhstan

You’ve seen previous two waves of exposure of evidence. Now the 3rd wave is coming!  Let’s think through all the facts by brainstorming. We have a cold stone case.  Those facts and evidence can proof what and how those kleptocracies in CCP China and the U.S. have done to harm and threaten the humanity by ignoring the rule of law.  You’ve seen that in the photos, after losing humanity, they treated women without any dignity or respect but just like sex slaves. We have most of those evidencing videos, but we decided not to release them for now due to its very sensitive, non-humanin or even torturous characteristics.  We may release such depends on circumstance.

For now, we’re releasing the facts regarding what and how the “Burisma” [a Ukraine oil and gas company, in which Hunter Biden and his associates were on the board previously] colluded with the CCP and Bidens.  You will see cold stone facts, including documents and emails, also who have been involved in this collusion around the world. We’re encouraging everyone all across the world who has conscience read and think.  If this kind of dark and dirty facts were not revealed to the world, all human beings are walking into the darkness, the darkest in our human history!

Biden’s partner Devon Archer reported to Hunter about the itinerary of Burisma’s executives to the United States , Mexico and Kazakhstan in May and June of 2014 .


Sender: Devon Archer
To: Hunter Biden
Date: 2014, 4, 22 10:51 pm
Subject: Burisma data follow-up

As mentioned earlier, tentative proposed schedule:

May 7 – 9: Paris pre Board Meeting (canceled)

May TBD: Vadim to travel to NY & DC

May TBD: Nicoli, DA to Mexico

May 27 or June 2: Kiev Board Meeting

Week Following Kiev: Kazakstan

Relevant People Information:

Vadim Pozharskyi: Advisor to the Board Directors of Burisma, which is the largest natural gas supplier in Ukrain.

Devon Archer: co-founder of Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC. Other co-founders of this company including Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz. Devon Archer and Hunter Biden then became the Board members of Burisma.

Nicolai Zlochevskey: the beneficiary of Burisma.

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