What does Hunter Biden’s laptop tell us so far?

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As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches, more material from Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ continue to be revealed. While the most shocking material so far were lewd photos and videos that feature Hunter Biden’s sickening sexual activities, it is worth recalling the other dark secrets that were uncovered about the Biden family.

The Biden family had business deals with the Chinese Communist Party

One example is an unusual loan agreement between Hunter Biden and Bohai Harvest RST, one with unlimited loan period extension, that was used to purchase 10% equity share of interest of the same company (Bohai Harvest RST).

Another business deal was exposed in an email published by the New York Post , that was sent to Hunter Biden setting out remuneration expectations that include 10% for ‘the big guy’. Tony Bobulinski, CEO of the Biden’ family business, who was an email recipient told Fox News that he met with Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss business deals with the communist government of China. According to Bobulinski, ‘the big guy’ was clearly referring to Joe Biden.

Bobulinski was recruited by the Biden family to help structure a joint venture between the Biden’s company, SinoHawk Holdings LLC, and a CCP controlled energy and finance company, CEFC China Energy.

Hunter Biden was consulted by the illegitimate daughter of China’s Vice President

In an email in July 2015, Hunter was asked as part of a ‘delicate request’ to arrange for President Xi’s visit to a Chinese business facility. The email sender was Wang Xin, the illegitimate daughter of China’s Vice President, Wang Qishan, who is also an executive of Bohai Harvest RST.

The Biden family colluded with a CCP agent

In an incriminating email exposed by Lude Media, Jim Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, wrote to Hunter Biden in an email asking about the implication of a WSJ article smearing a Chinese defector, Guo Wengui (Miles Guo). This email was copied to “Bob Fenet”. Lude Media exposed that “Bob Fenet” is an alias for Bob, a CCP underground agent.

The attempted repatriation of Mr Guo was also documented in a court case ‘United States of America vs Nicole Mali Lum Davis’. It remains to be seen if the Biden’s involvement was related to the activities of Nicole Lum Davis.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama ignored China’s militarization of the South China Sea for $1 billion

A photo from the laptop shows a screenshot where Hunter Biden was in the Oval Office with President Obama, shortly before the ‘sell out’ of America occurred.

Lude Media exposed that Joe Biden and his family, and Barack Obama received $1 billion to look away from China’s aggressive military activities at the South China Sea. This article discusses this foreign interference of the US’s foreign policy, at the highest level, that is incriminating for the Biden if proven true.

The Chinese Communist Party’s ‘BGY’ program

Despite the mounting evidence on the Biden’s family’s crimes, the mainstream media has been largely silent with a few exceptions. Why do these media companies refused to report and chose to cover up for Joe Biden?

The reason is that these media companies are influenced by the Chinese Communist Part (CCP) by ‘BGY’. B means blue, CCP infiltrated in institutions to steal high technology. G means gold, CCP bribed politicians to dominate the policy making. Y means sex, the CCP offered young girls as a reward.

This is a notorious scheme that let the CCP flex its muscles outside of China. The materials from Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that not only does the CCP enslave the Chinese people by restricting their speech and freedom, it also wants to destroy the American civilization, value and policy system.

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