CCP Virus Pandemic Ep270: Twitter blocked multiple accounts of volunteers in Whistleblower Movement.

  1. At a place in China several new high-rise buildings were demolished by blasting on the grounds of unqualified design: How did the pre-construction approval pass?
  2. As a result of the epidemic, flood and locust plague, the price of corn is expected to increase by over 40% before the end of the year, which leads to panic buying of the available supplies.
  3. In the afternoon on October 19, Zhang Zhongbin, Vice Chief Justice and Member of the Judging Panel of Supreme Court, Hubei Province , committed suicide in his office.
  4. Twitter has blocked multiple accounts of volunteers in the Whistleblower Movement. They did nothing but exposed the tyranny of CCP and the scandal of the Biden family, also spread the truth about the CCP virus.
  5. (Steve Bannon, 10/19) So more detail is going to come out. I think it’s also going to get now just beyond the financial, but you’re going to see where the compromise is. He’s emblematic of a deeper psychological, the psychological structure of Joe Biden. This is not I’ll call it a hard target like Hillary Clinton. He’s very soft. The people around him are very soft, his advisors and all the teams. We’re five or six days into this. They haven’t really responded. There’s no response. What they do? They are hiding.

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1 year ago

Twitter suspended my account this morning after I shared the article from this site regarding Kim Dotcom and Biden pressuring NZ govt to destroy Kim . The censorship is real, and ongoing as I am no one special.

1 year ago

take down the most evil ccp

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