What Is The Architectural Art Project Of The CCP And How Does It Work?

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The concept of CCP’s “Architectural Art Project” (AAP) was first mentioned by Lude on August 23, 2020 during Lude Media’s evening show. In brief, AAP is a project that records those illegitimate children and provides them with unique codes; and those children are cultivated from the sperm/egg stage. Let me give you a sense of what AAP is through the following description.

AAP is the top-secret project of the senior government figures reside in Zhongnanhai, the centre of politics and power that controls everything of China. It is not unusual for the top CCP leaders to develop their AAPs separately in this totalitarian regime. The whistleblower’s movement called them kleptocrats for stealing the country’s wealth through their power. The AAP was created for future identification of their numerous illegitimate children. They inherit the genetic information of the kleptocrats, and normally are developed globally through surrogacy or in vitro fertilization. Once they grow up, they are sent to famous schools and universities to be educated as the future elites in the world. They keep their secret code and take on missions through a single line of contact. When given the opportunities, they will stand for election to positions of political leadership in the country where they live. They will be part of the political and business elites of their countries. In this way, the kleptocrats’ future generations can get elected to public positions such as parliamentarians, deputy prime ministers, and presidents. In order to financially support their success, the kleptocrats deliberately establish Family foundations to cover up their theft of wealth from Chinese ordinary people. Their illegitimate children need to identify themselves through their genetic map to get access to the wealth blueprint prepared by the kleptocrats in advance while recorded in the AAP. This is the evil ambition of the CCP to infiltrate the world.

We can see how it works from a recent example. On Oct 25, 2020, Mr. Miles Kwok exposed an email sent from WANG Xin to Devon Archer (“white glove” of the US traitor John Kerry), Hunter Biden (son and representative of the former US vice President Joe Biden), and Jonathan Li to discuss about the arrangement for the General Secretary of China, XI Jinping as well as his visit to LeTV’s facilities in Los Angeles since LeTV purchased an R&D center that got US government investment of US$3-5 billion towards the research and design of electrical cars and intelligence vehicles. In return, LeTV would pay a one-time consultation fee to BHR, which was instrumental in making the deal happen. Since Hunter Biden is a shareholder of BHR, he would then stand to make a lot of money from the consultation fee.

Let’s take a look at who WANG Xin is and how she managed to control Hunter Biden. WANG Xin is the illegitimate daughter of WANG Qishan and his mistress GAO Yanyan. In 2000, Xin obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Finance from McGill University, a prestigious university in Canada. From 2001 to 2004, she studied law at Boston University and earned her doctorate in law in only three years. Prior to becoming BHR’s managing partner, Xin worked as a legal counsel at White & Case LLP until 2015, when the second generation of WANG Qishan and Joe Biden family had finally made a perfect connection. On June 30, 2017, WANG Xin, the representative of WANG Qishan’s family, replaced LI Xiangsheng, the original lender, to lend money actually taken from Chinese people to Hunter Biden. This is a signal that WANG Qishan and Joe Biden had finally succeeded in handing over to their second generation the blood suction tube that were inserted into the Chinese people.

Who is the person on the left of the two images? I guess you are all familiar with her whose name is WANG Yanyi, the director general at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has the only P4 (highest level of bio-safety) biological laboratory in China. Do you think it is just a coincidence or a typical model of the “Architectural Art Project”?

In recent days, what hidden in the three hard drives of Hunter Biden have gradually come to light on social media, revealing to Chinese and American people that both WANG Qishan and Joe Biden family are blood-suckers, crime families and traitors to their countries. American and Chinese patriots should fight side by side to take down them, and the most important thing right now is that we should wake up more Americans to stand up and vote for Donald Trump, so as to save the US and us.

Author: Lucas

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/10/29

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