10/21 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep270

1. At a place in China several new high-rise buildings were demolished by blasting on the grounds of unqualified design: How did the pre-construction approval pass?

2. The 30-year-old Nanxin Shoe Factory in Foshan went bankrupt. The workers only received 60% of their average wages in compensation.

3. In the afternoon on October 19, Zhang Zhongbin, Vice Chief Justice and Member of the Judging Panel of Supreme Court, Hubei Province , committed suicide in his office.

4. The CCP prints slogans on the wall saying “I would rather be a war dead ghost than a defeated slave of the country”, attempting to brainwash and kidnap the Chinese people to sell their lives for the CCP.

5. Twitter has blocked multiple accounts of volunteers in the Whistleblower Movement. They did nothing but exposed the tyranny of CCP and the scandal of the Biden family, also spread the truth about the CCP virus.

6. Following the U.S. imposition of a 456% steel tax on the non-market economy status of Communist China, from October 2019 Vietnam followed suit and imposed a five-year tax on steel from CCP; Thailand then decided to do the same from December, in this regard, CCP is now going to threaten to stop the rice import of Thailand.

7. A year ago on 2019.10.20, those who sacrificed for democracy of Hong Kong are immortal. “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time!”

8. (Peter Navarro, 10/19) Communist China wins and American democracy loses. 

What is the difference between China’s Global Times attacking the Trump administration and endorsing Joe Biden for president and outlets like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Amazon Post effectively doing the same thing? The rise of a partisan fake news conglomerate — and this is what the mainstream media misses — also provides aid, comfort and assistance to a Chinese Communist Party intent on setting the American sun in Asia.

9. (Steve Bannon, 10/19) So more detail is going to come out. I think it’s also going to get now just beyond the financial, but you’re going to see where the compromise is. He’s emblematic of a deeper psychological, the psychological structure of Joe Biden. This is not I’ll call it a hard target like Hillary Clinton.

He’s very soft. The people around him are very soft, his advisors and all the teams. We’re five or six days into this. They haven’t really responded. There’s no response. What they do? They are hiding.

10. (Miles Guo. 10/13)

But now, the Whistleblower Movement has given me the idea of creating G Series industries to protect our New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement as well as to serve as an overseas cash pooling for the Chinese. Dear brothers and sisters, I have used the concept of G-Fashion and turned it into a combination of finance and industry. But it wasn’t easy. What differentiates the Whistleblower Movement from the CCP is our adherence to truth, law and equity, therefore every piece from G Fashion is original work.

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