Civilization has been trampled on, and who has defiled the sanctity of love?

Written by Angel
Translator by  Wen W

October 26, 2020,Corruption, Incest, Drugs, Prostitution, The ugliness of child abuse and the betrayal of American interests of  Vice President of the United States Joe Biden’s Family,was exposed by Mr. Guo and Mr. Lude who are the founder and forerunner of  Chinese Whistleblower Movement.

The incident went back to between July and August 2018 and multiple text messages raised concerns.

This is a message from Hunter Biden to a girl aged 14, with name withheld from the picture: “I love you, but your mom just decided she’d rather risk losing you than go to Malibu California,to spend a month with her family. She told Dad that if I ever wanted to see you again, she would call the police. She’s lying,she definitely didn’t call Dad and ask him about it.”

“When your plane arrives, I’ll pick you up. Please send a message!!!! I love you. Only me, your father and you.”

We both agree and are willing to trust you, she is spreading those things you told me, and I believe you! Those are all lies! Again, we need testimony from your side so that we can shut her up completely and accept it, and I beg you to call me. Please, we’re on your side. I believe you, this is murder on your reputation. Love you, Jim.

Among the three text messages below is Hunter’s sister-in-law, the mother of the person Hunter says “I love you”  several times in his text messages. Hunter says “I love you” to his own niece. This mother, as a member of the Biden family, is facing the death of her husband, her position in the family is not as good as before, and watching her daughter being assaulted by her brother in law, I can feel the struggle of a mother and the helplessness afterwards. Does this mother truly love her daughter and why she doesn’t take her own daughter to escape this shootable den of evil, and is she helpless because of family interests. Hunter Biden’s parents knew that he was having sex with a minor and did not stop it, and his uncle, Jim Biden, knew and did not discipline him, but instead was justifying him and helping him to give false testimony, or in the name of love, I can’t help but ask: What is love? We live in a moral world, where we distinguish things according to good and bad, and evaluate and understand what is happening in the world with the help of the perspective of good and evil. The existence of morality helps us to establish more stable relationships and a more rational ethical order in order to continue the human condition for thousands of years.

 “Love”, life arises from love, and love itself is a divine thing. Love arises out of the ground of truth and righteousness. It is not possible for love to arise in an evil mind. Love produces also truth and righteousness, if some kind of love produces not truth and righteousness, but it is falsehood

and complicity with sin, then the love is pseudo-love and becomes a source of hatred and bitterness. In a family as monstrous as Biden’s, father and son, uncle and nephew, uncle and niece, uncle and sister-in-law.

Emotional disorder, behavioral disorder, and moral disorder have broken through the author’s perception of love and the moral boundaries that one is born into. Humanity’s moral boundaries have been trampled to the ground by the Biden family! Is motherhood still there? Is the humanity still there? Is the inherent civilization of mankind still there?

American law regulate, from the first article, the United States is quite serious about the protection of minors. The United States has a bill called the “Romeo and Juliet Act”.  If an adult has sex with a minor, regardless of whether it is consensual or not, it is considered rape. I believe that Hunter Biden will eventually be judged by the law, and his family will be judged by the moral judgment and spurned by the American people.

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take down the most evil ccp and its accomplices