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The Hosts Dr. Bo, Dr. Guan, Ian and Nick talked about the typical BGY programme by Chinese Communist Party.

  1. B comes from the Chinese word “Blue” and it stands for internet, media control as broad and vast as blue ocean. 

The media includes traditional media and social media. When the social media like Facebook and Twitter appeared in around 2009-1010, CCP realized the potential influence and threat to it’s dictatorship regime. Therefore, CCP built up the firewall inside of China to separate the free world from being accessed by Chinese people. At the same time, they created Chinese social media like Weibo and Wechat that are under high censorship by CCP. Apart from this, CCP poses their influences on western social media like Facebook and Twitter although these companies are not approved to go to China market. It is clear that Twitter works for CCP when it censored the news on Hunter Biden scandal especially to block all the news coming from 

The CCP firewall turned out to be very efficiently controlled no matter on official Chinese Central channels (CCTV) or local internet. Since the source of the information is under strict censorship and powerful surveillance, Chinese people are restricted from getting information of free world, their mind, the way how to think freely and logically are limited. 

As a result, Chinese people could face to be scolded, punished by so called “Tea Invitation” which actually is being threatened when people try to see or talk about the information that is against CCP governance, then Chinese people are getting used to “self-censorship” by not to do so under fears to CCP. Therefore, there is no true “harmony”, a harmonious society is under fear as people’s eyes, ear, mouth have been covered.  At the beginning of COVID19 on December 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang was one of the earliest people who talked about the contagion of the virus within his doctor colleague group on Wechat, then he was punished to go to the frontline of the COVID-19 despite he is a doctor on eyes. 2008 on Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake site it was not allowed for people to use camera or video recorder, let alone the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. 

CCP has reached their influences out of China to the whole world, and in the near future it will become very hard for them to convince the western countries to keep doing business with them anymore as their brand has been ruined.

2. G represents gold, money, bribery.

CCP uses huge amount of money to influence the western politics. The CCP national companies make loan to invest the world. The “One Belt One Road” is a good example. Another way of “G” program is to collaborate with western people for businesses of partnership by brokers. This include the politician, celebrities, elites in different field of different countries. The bribery goes deep of CCP political system, and it also goes deep when Communist China does business with the western world. This shows how CCP involved in the eye-opening and disturbing Biden Scandal when it was unfolded.

The money CCP uses comes from the deplorable Chinese people, who are called “chives”, as chives are to be harvested by the sickles and will grow up again, and this describes how Chinese deplorable people are exploited. As there are big amount of population and workforce in China, and CCP applies one of the highest tax systems in the world, the huge profit has been used on the BGY program by CCP. There was a book published in China named “Read One Book To Understand China Tax” (《一本书读懂中国税》) shows China’s tax is 47% of the national GDP while it’s 30% in the United States. Under the tax system, western countries like U.S., European, Japan, its people get benefit and public services as tax payers, for instance on unemployment, social security, medial, the kids with single family, roads in good conditions. However, the Chinese people get nothing by paying the highest tax to CCP under the totalitarian regime. 

The CCP kleptocrats make money by the “Land Reform”, through which the CCP owns all the land and collect rent from the whole country. They exploit the land ownership, earn the money from it, they pollute the land, destroy the values and nobody can sue them. They funnel the regime to transfer the money overseas. Then make bribery and incentive the have the western people work for CCP. Aside from this way, CCP also earn money through health system and education system on Chinese people. 

In addition, the sources (money) of G programme are not only from Chinese people now, but include western people, just think about how American people’s jobs were taken, how American companies were acquired (by CCP owned companies). 

The B and G program are combination within each other. CCP bribes by controlling the media to reach their evil goal of the world domination.

➠➠ How eventually did Chinese Communist Party control VP Joe Biden that controlled President Barack Obama that seemed to manage the United States government?

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take down the most evil ccp and its accomplices

We Are America
1 year ago

Hunter Biden admits to having a deal with the CCP.

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