Is it a crime to betray the country?incest? sexually assault a child? Mr.“H”&“O”?Who else is a big crocodile?the latest update..更新时间:22:22–29/10/2020

Producer: Rose Sky

s treason acceptable? Is having sex with an underage person acceptable?
Do the people and the law of the United States allow the evils to continue?

The GTV Media exclusively released the data that exposed the crimes committed by an organisation that have a link with Hunter Biden. The evidence shows that Hunter Biden worked and owned shares in a Chinese Communist Party controlled financial company. These stolen position and wealth allowed Biden to enjoy his lustful sexual life, crimes and drugs.

More stuff will be exposed.

The data showed that while the Chinese Communist Party stole from China, the Biden family stole from the United States. Both of them betrayed their countries and their people, for their own benefits.

Their activities were not hindered or investigated, because many people in the United States may have been compromised and belongs to the same category. Even the highly respected FBI and CIA may be involved in the plundering. A transnational crime have been committed by the criminal group. Their activities are threatening the safety of the ordinary American people, Chinese people and all mankind.

Evil souls, gather together.
All greed and seduction are excuses for their fall.
Those who choose darkness will deflect the accusation and blame elsewhere.
They blamed the sun for not shining on their dark night.
They also blamed on the warmth of humanity and the tilt of the world to cover their sins.
They are the demons that crush the world and devour the good.
Such evil and darkness should be unearthed.
The world shall deny the destruction from the evils.
The light of the soul and humanity shall not be tainted and poisoned by the dark group.
It is time to rally the righteous forces of the world to fight.
Regardless of country, race, clan, or party, let us united together to fight for the World.
Let us fight for the future of the Mankind.
Let us fight to protect our Children.
Let us fight for Justice and Light.
Destroy the Demons and Darkness.

Who is in the picture? Who is in the video? Who is Big Guy” H”?

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the latest update…

Latest update broke the news。。。。

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