Who Is The Woman Doing Footjob Sex for Hunter Biden

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On October 24, 2020, a newly released sex video of Hunter Biden immediately became breaking news widely circulated on social media. Hunter is the second son of the former Vice President, Joe Biden, who is running a competition towards the 46th US President. So far, there has been no any response from Biden family to this video. The video is said to be from “Three Hard Drives of Hunter Biden”. In the video, a woman performed footjob sex for Hunter but she didn’t show her face, which stimulated people’s curiosity to know the truth and secret. This article attempts to dig into the answers.

We can hear the conversation between Hunter and the woman during the sexual activity. Based on her voice, it sounds like Crystal Liu, a famous Chinese actress and leading role in the Disney Film Mulan. In the video, although part of the image is covered, we still have the chance to catch the features of her left foot and hand. Let’s compare these features to make a better guess at who she is.

Fig. 1 comparison between the features of her hands and that of Ms. Crystal Liu
(P1 is from Internet; V1 and V2 are images from the video)

Fig. 1 shows a comparison of the woman’s hand features with those of Ms. Crystal Liu. It is clear that Crystal’s knuckles and shape are very similar to those in the video. Also, the real photo and the images show the same pink color. In addition, the nails of the woman in the video and Crystal are red (P2, P3 and V3 in Fig.2), and the shape of the left foot is very similar (see P2 and V4 in Fig.2).

Fig. 2 comparison between the features of her feet and that of Ms. Crystal Liu
(P2 and P3 are from Internet; V3 and V4 are images from the video)

On Oct. 22, 2020, Lude Media released a photo, which was a screenshot from a secret video of Hunter Biden taken in a private club during his trip to Beijing in 2013. The private club was owned by Zhang, Hongwei who founded Orient Group Co., Ltd. (Wiki info). On this photo, the person helped Hunter light up his cigarette and accompanied him overnight was Crystal Liu that had been confirmed. According to Lude Media, she is paid 1 billion RMB (150 million US dollars), not through acting, but through sexual bribery, such as Hunter Biden, commanded by the top leader of the CCP [1 2 3]. 

Based on the above, I guess it is pretty much likely that the woman in the video is Ms. Crystal Liu. Given the date and location of this video, we can find more evidences to support this guess by investigating their activities.


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