Joe Biden is Digging a Grave for Himself with Xi Jinping’s Help 

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Evidence on the hard drives exposing the Biden family’s 1.5 billion-dollar deals with the CCP has been the focus of the attention in the past few weeks, especially with the Presidential election just around the corner. Since October 14th, Lu De has been running his shows twice a day on YouTube, revealing to his faithful Chinese audience astonishing information from the laptop, which was left and allegedly abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair store.  Somehow, according to Lu De, Hunter Biden could not remember the location of the computer store and never went back to claim his property. The story probably holds true since he has become a junkie, thanks to the CCP that provided him ephedrine, among other drugs, at no cost to him.

In fact, as early as September 24, Lu De told his listeners that things couldn’t have been worse for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who is running for the United States President. He may not have realized it, but he is basically digging a grave for himself and will be ready to rest in it by election night. Joe Biden’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party has opened the door to the biggest scandal of political corruption in the U.S. history. His son Hunter Biden’s contract with CEFC, China Energy Company Limited, shows exactly the percentage of shares that each member of the Biden family would receive. Joe Biden who is referred to as the “Big Guy” takes 10%. On the hard drive, there is also information about a person with a code name “O”, both in emails and on contracts. “O” turned out to be Joe Biden’s boss in the government, according to Lu De. 

For the past 4 decades, the state-owned companies in China have grown so gigantically that it gives the world the impression that China has become very rich. In fact, the wealth created by the Chinese people has been sucked up like a vacuum cleaner by only a few top political leaders. That is to say, that the wealthiest families in China are not entrepreneurs. This contradicts the ideas of Karl Marx, the inventor of Communism more than 170 years ago from Germany. Karl Marx had believed that the capitalists were the filthy rich ones, and he had insisted that wealth be distributed equally among all people. Not once has this wealth distribution practice been materialized in Communist China. Instead, the CCP would use much of the money to bribe prominent people in the West and other countries, to perhaps spread the seeds of Communism. In fact, it worked! The hard drives contain files, pictures, and video types saved or secretly recorded by people who work at the security level of the Chinese government for the past few decades to make sure that the CCP owns political leaders in the West. 

That is why these hard drives have come from hell, as President Trump calls Hunter’s laptop: “the laptop from hell.” The CCP is a modern version of Satan and it is here to destroy Western civilization. Anyone who is corruptible will be and have been chosen by this Satan, and their information is all recorded on the “hard drives”.

Gone are the Communist ideas of distributing wealth to the poor!  This is an excellent teaching point to the BLM and Antifa protesters who have been engaging in breaking in, vandalizing, and burning stores. Instead of stealing plastic building blocks from a legal store in the middle of the pandemic, they really should give a hard look at Hunter Biden and ask themselves a question: why Hunter Biden, a junkie just like some of these protesters, has everything while they have remained poor all their lives? The answer lies in his father Joe Biden who was a US Senator prior to becoming the Vice President of the United States. Hunter made tens of millions of dollars from China so that the CCP can use Joe Biden to influence decisions beneficial to them. 

 If anyone knows how to distribute wealth, it’s the Chinese Communist Party. They will make sure that wealth will never be distributed to poor people, or the violent protesters who believe that America should be a socialist country. The fact is that China is hugely providing financial support to the BLM leaders to influence the American election. 

Thanks to the Whistleblower Movement started by Miles Guo, and Lu De’s webcasts, more and more Chinese began to see that the CCP has been stealing wealth created by the Chinese people for 70 years.  Chairman Xi Jinping wanted to be the second Mao, so he modified the Chinese Constitution to add the clause that he would be the Party Chairman for life.  His ideas of “One Belt One Road,” as well as “A Shared Community for the Future of Mankind,” had been working its way into the western civilization without much commotion, had it not been for the CCP virus unleashed to the world. The year 2020 is the year of a total wake-up call: the “Shared Community” as a global community controlled by the Chinese Communist Party has to come to a dead end. 

Far worse than the Soviet Union, the CCP has almost completely infiltrated the United States, on all levels: the FBI, the Congress, the tech giant social media companies in Silicon Valley, the mainstream media, and the scientific community. If anybody wants to know why CNN is so fake, the answer lies in the fact that a CCP company called Gehua owns it, according to Lu De. It directs what CNN can say and cannot say. Money paid to the fake news reporters effectively bought their souls. 

According to Lu De, more and more individuals will be exposed based on the hard drive, all are part of the deep swamp that Mr. Donald Trump referred to more than four years ago; only, he did not foresee how deep the swamp is.  It is no wonder that Hunter Biden’s laptop sat in the FBI office for nine months since December 2019 without any action taken by the Bureau. Director Wray certainly has a lot of explaining to do. According to Lu De, he has already been fired by the president. 

It was revealed on Lu De’s show that after Biden came home from his visit to China between April 13th and 17th, 2012, his bank account started receiving millions of dollars. It was also the same year when 36 CIA intelligence assets in China were shot to death per order of the CCP. These people were all working for China’s National Security at the highest level. Their knowledge of the top dirty secrets of the CCP reached their conscience. They all at different times in their lives reached out to the United States, determined to take down the CCP. According to Lu De, it was Joe Biden who wanted these people to be terminated, so his secret dealings with the CCP would never be discovered by the Americans. Joe Biden provided the list of these 36 Chinese intelligence assets to Xi Jinping, resulting in their identities to be exposed. These people who worked in Mainland China for the CIA were silent heroes. 

According to Lu De, newspapers did report the deaths of these CIA informants, along with their individual contacts, but 30% of the stories were false, including the time frame of their death. It is also true that since 2012, fewer and fewer American agents were working in Mainland China. Indeed, no information was available to the public regarding Biden’s dealings with China until recently, thanks to the Whistleblower Movement. Also, thanks to CCP’s habit of keeping copies of everything in order to blackmail those who had become their prey, more and more truth will come to light. There is a word that describes what Joe Biden did while he visited Beijing as a Vice President in 2012. It is called treason. 

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