【2】Second Part of Documents Showing Hunter Biden’s immorality!

This footage was taken by Hunter Biden himself while having his private part massaged by a female using her feet. This is what the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, refers to as an excellent and innocent son! A drug and sex addict, allegedly abusing minors and taking billions of dollars from the evil Chinese Communist Party! Joe Biden, the CCP colluder, CANNOT be elected! The Biden Crime Family MUST be brought to Justice!

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1 year ago

您必须释放所有数据。 不能有歧义。 毫无疑问。 为了让美国人看到司法部,联邦调查局,中央情报局和司法部长的伪善,必须释放100%。 愿上帝保佑中国和美国!