Beyond People’s Tolerance! Second Part of Documents Showing Hunter Biden’s Immorality!

Insufferable! The contents in Hunter Biden’s computer reveal Hunter Biden being a pervert addicted to drugs, sex, abuses and incest, showing no morality! He is controlled, compromised and threatened by the Chinese Communist Party with a “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme (meaning threats, money bribery, and sex,). The world has fallen into darkness! Humanity is endangered! GTV and Gnews are revealing their evil and inhuman deeds to the world, leading us out of the darkness to the light!

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1 year ago

大卫语 : Donkey fucker CCP

1 year ago

My understanding of “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme:
Blue: information control, like Great Firewall, Twitter’s shadow ban, mass brainwashing.
Gold: Bribery using loophole.
Yellow: Honey-trap.