Lude Media Daily Live Broadcast English Record 10/22/2020(a)

00:00:22 Lude:

Analysis of the topic of this issue.

00:01:46 An Hong:

1. Taiwan decided to march on October 25, calling the 12 Hong Kong sons.

2. The Russian Minister of Health tested positive for the CCP virus.

3. If you enter these keywords p4 biology institute/P4 Lab in Wuhan on Twitter, then your account must be blocked.

4. Doctor Beard, he has an online signature, and he hopes everyone will come together to declare that the CCP virus is a crime against humanity and a mass murder.

5. Himalaya Australia Farm has established a signed version, asking the CCP to release Dr. Yan’s mother. Okay, let’s share it today, thank you.

00:03:09 Dr. Mo:

1. The number of deaths from influenza vaccination in Korea has suddenly increased today.

2. The Minister of Health of Brazil stated that they want to deploy on the 21st and 20th, Brazil will fully introduce China’s new crown vaccine, and have reached an agreement with the State of Sao Paulo, where the vaccine is produced, to be tested and produced in the State of Sao Paulo. But on the second day, Brazilian President Bolsonaro announced that his government would not purchase the new crown vaccine produced in Beijing, thinking that he was unwilling to use his Brazilian people as white rats. One of the volunteers of AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s new crown vaccine, a 20-year-old Brazilian man in Rio, Brazil, died suddenly in Brazil.

3. On October 19, the official website of the National Academy of Medical Sciences announced 90 regular members and 10 international members. Among them, Li Feifei, a famous Chinese professor, was selected as a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences.

00:05:40 Lude:

1. Hunter’s business partner confirmed the email, and the details in it said Joe Biden was pushing to earn millions of dollars from China. Joe Biden has been denying, denying that he has nothing to do with these things.

2. When Giuliani was on the show yesterday, it meant that witnesses would stand up. The witness is the recipient of the email, named Tony Bobulinski. He is Ye Jianming(叶简明), the CEO of China Eagle Holdings, which was jointly established by CEFC and Hunter Biden, and he is the recipient of the email. He proved to have witnessed Biden and Hunter discussing business transactions together. In addition, he also proved that the big man in Hunter’s mail is Biden. JB refers to Joe Biden’s brother named Jimmy Biden, and Tony issued a statement on Wednesday night accusing Biden of participating in power-to-money transactions.

00:07:58 An Hong:

1. He is the recipient and he is the CEO. He was very happy and shocked that such a witness came forward. This person is precisely he who is the biggest boss.

2. It must be the pros and cons of weighing, it must be the life and death of consideration, and he must finally see Ye Jianming’s tragic situation. In the end, it came to the justice side to testify. This big guy is Biden.

3. I personally believe that we have exposed Ms.Bao TianTian(薄甜甜), and we have exposed today’s CEO. In fact, there must be a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth one that is already ready. In the end we will all slap him in the face with facts.

00:09:45 Lude:

Bobulinski wrote that Biden also referred to his father as my chairman, and often asked him to sign or advise us on various potential transactions. Joe Biden has always said that he was not involved at all, and that there was no corresponding participation of Hunter Biden. Because Hunter Biden receives a monthly salary of US$83,000 in it, the joint venture company is a joint venture company with Ye Jianming(叶简明). This is the company we talked about earlier, that is, it is specifically responsible for Russia’s oil and gas projects, sold through Ukraine and transferred to the European Union.

00: 13: 50 Dr. Mo:

1. In fact, this 4.5 billion may be more money is a cash pool. The money in the pool is always there. Whoever comes to power or who is willing to trade with the power in his hand can make a spoon in the pool. This is what the CCP has done very badly.

2. And this thing must be legal at the legal level in cemeteries all over the world, because he must communicate with people from finance and law, and he built such a pool of funds specifically to bribe countries.

3. With Hunter Biden’s matter basically fixed, he will definitely go to prison. The biggest problem when he is convicted is that the crime really points to his father behind the scenes. If he can’t get his father out of the brain and the instigator behind him, the testimony has actually failed. But now it can be seen that with the fermentation of the media and the emergence of evidence, many people have begun to turn into tainted witnesses. Many people have already begun to consider how to escape from Biden’s ship in the judicial department or with the assistance of lawyers. This is very good news. With the gradual increase of this kind of evidence, the loser must be firmly tied to his son’s humiliating history, and entering the judicial investigation link is the most critical.

00: 15:36 Lude:

Tony Bobulinski wrote a complete statement to the New York Post. He said that my name is Tony Bobulinski and the facts stated below are true and accurate. He said that the following statements are true and accurate. They are not any form of domestic or foreign false information. Any advice to the contrary is wrong and offensive. I am the recipient of an email published by the New York Post 7 days ago, which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Robert Walker. The email is real. This afternoon I received a request from the Senate Homeland Security and Political Affairs Committee and the Senate Finance Committee to request all documents related to my business with the Biden family and various foreign entities and individuals. I have extensive relevant records and communications. I intend to In the near future, he submits these projects to two committees, and he has a large and extensive record. I am the grandson of a 37-year-old army intelligence officer and the son of a professional naval officer for more than 20 years. The brother of a 28-year professional naval flight officer, don’t forget the professional naval flight officer. I myself served the country for 4 years and left the navy as LT Bobulinski. I conducted a high-level security inspection, I was an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, and then a CTO. I am proud of my family and the time I have served the country. I am also not a politician, and I have done very little to campaign against the Democratic Party in my life. If the media and large technology companies have completed their work in the past few weeks, then I have nothing to do with this story. I suggest that my long-term enthusiasm and dedication to this great country, I can no longer let my family’s name match The false information or implied lies in the New Territories of Russia are linked or connected with false statements. After leaving the military, I became an institutional investor, investing extensively in all parts of the world and on all continents. I have been to more than 50 countries and I believe we will live in the largest country in the world. What I want to outline is the fact, and I know it is a fact because I have participated. He is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, a Chinese company. Hunter Biden brought me into the company as chief executive officer. In the widely publicized email on May 13, 2017, the gangster’s reference was actually a reference to Joe Biden. The other JB cited in the email is Joe’s brother James Biden. Hunter Biden referred to his father as a gangster or chairman, and frequently mentioned asking him to sign or provide advice on various potential transactions we are discussing. I have seen Vice President Biden say that he has never discussed his business with Hunter. I saw with my own eyes that it’s not right, because it’s not just Hunt’s business. They said they put Hunt’s last name and his inheritance on the Internet. I realized that the Chinese are not really focused on healthy financial investments. The rate of return, they see it as a political and impact investment. Once I realized a lot and hoped to use the company as my own piggy bank by withdrawing money from the Chinese, I took measures to prevent this from happening. I realized that the Bidens had already been dealt with by them and paid millions of dollars by the Chinese, even though they told me that we did not have it and there would be no such thing. I will ask the Bidens to speak to the American people and summarize the facts so that I can avoid irrelevant matters. Therefore, I have no right to answer these questions for them. I have no political leanings, I only saw it behind Biden’s curtains, and I became more and more concerned about what I saw. The Biden family actively used Biden’s surname to earn millions of dollars from foreign entities. Even if some of them are from China controlled by the Communist Party, God bless the United States.

00: 23: 26 An Hong:

1. Everyone may be as shocked as I am. This CEO has such a prominent family background. He himself has served for the country himself, so he can take the initiative to stand up and name non-politics only for this country.

2. Thank you very much for having such a witness. Personally, I still have that sentence. I hope that there will be witnesses after another. The more such witnesses stand up, the greater the power of justice in the United States and the world will be awakened.

00:26:27 Dr. Mo:

1. Tony is actually an innocent soldier, and his family is also a soldier, so his spirit means that his social image and positive image are very good. This is why the Biden family is looking for someone like this to be the CEO of his company. If he is the CEO, everyone will think this is a serious company.

2. This person also discovered that he is actually just a superficial puppet in this company. The real behind-the-scenes boss is Joe Biden, who is also his son. As things were reported, especially the current political situation, he discovered a lot of evidence and strangeness at the time, which proved that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were actually the invisible bosses and invisible promoters of this company, and the CCP was the capital. The last behind-the-scenes mover. Be sure to put yourself in the right place to be a taint witness. One is not to discredit one’s own family, and the second is to become the top one and re-wash it out. This is a very important signal. I believe that Joe Biden’s company has all kinds of professionals in addition to the CEO and many of his blending businesses. All these professionals are likely to slowly come out and become tainted witnesses like accounting and finance. Because now is actually the best time to escape this broken ship.

00:28:44 Lude:

1. At 9:00 tomorrow morning, Mr. Giuliani will come to our show for live broadcast.

2. For the entire Biden family, James Biden is 10%, Hunter Biden is 15%, and Joe Biden is 10%. The five-year agreement means that in the future, another company will be used, and his family’s company will always belong to his family.

3. In addition to the more important oil companies, this company can also help the CCP steal Ukrainian technology and is also the main lobbyist. The ultimate goal is actually to steal US military technology through Ukraine, which is the core. The most important thing is to steal all the cutting-edge technology from Britain, France and Germany through Ukraine. 3. The CCP steals the United States. First, he stole your drawings in the United States, mainly from Ukraine.

4. Ye Jianming(叶 简明) belongs to the military. What the military is going to do is the military’s affairs. The money is given in this way, and the output is continuous, and finally it is to engage in military technology. This is the most critical.

00:35:40 An Hong:

1. What he saw was trading transactions. In fact, he kept secretly, not only stealing technology, but also taking everything he could get. He knew that it was difficult to get these technologies directly from the US, so he used a roundabout way. The inside is topped with blue and gold.

2. The CCP’s method of operation, if we expand it, is it just a country in Ukraine? He might do it everywhere. Once this matter becomes an explosion like thunder or bombs, it will surely arouse this kind of profound thinking from other countries and parties around the world.

00:37:34 Lude:

1. In all the process, the American technology was stolen. The CCP didn’t give a penny or even a penny. It is the empty glove white wolf. Because he can do it through Putin as long as he gets Biden in the United States. Some start-up costs were advanced in the early stage, and then the money was continuously returned. The profit comes from the EU’s oil and gas. Every citizen of you still comes from your EU. Then you sell the technology to Ukraine, and Ukraine pays to buy it. Don’t the CCP spend a penny. All these scientists have done it, and you can get it directly. The CCP did not pay a penny in this transaction. It succeeded in getting Biden Putin and the European Union Bidens away, stole American technology, and took away all Ukrainian scientists. I haven’t paid a cent. They all operate like this outside.

2. The Americans are wondering how they have all been taken away by this method. If you don’t pay a penny, I still steal your technology.

00:40:53 Dr. Mo:

I roughly understand this. The United States actually provides funds and policies, then Ukraine provides energy, and Europe provides consumer groups. But why is it strange that the CCP can make money in the middle, and it can also support the tripartite? Why don’t these three parties make it by themselves, but let the CCP be the top leader and make the CCP make a lot of money? In fact, I think the core of this is actually the problem of the system, because the EU system and these systems have its own formal professionalism and its policy system. Some of its systems cannot be surpassed. In fact, a gray channel has been established behind these three parties, because this gray channel has only the CCP’s most experienced and capable building. It can bypass the legal and economic loopholes of the three countries and connect the interests of these three parties. stand up. Although these three parties have energy, money and policies, they all rely on the channel of the CCP. But your money, your technology, and your energy pass this channel.

00:43:05 Lude:

1. Why let the CCP do this? The CCP provided him with an illegal channel. This channel is in the territory of the 1.4 billion people controlled by the CCP in the mainland. All your things pass through China, and all the dirty money will be washed away. The CCP cannot audit outside, and the US cannot audit each listed company. It has this channel. In the United States, you want to truly solve the current internal penetration problem. Only eliminate the CCP. Because China has now created a huge black-box operation such an environment, all the stolen money that comes to you will be washed out for you, through all companies listed in the United States.

2. The largest money laundering channel in the world is the CCP, and the largest is the Alibaba and Tencent listed companies, and the Hong Kong listed companies in the United States. This is the largest money laundering channel.

3. Why has the Chinese Communist Party listed hundreds of companies in the United States, making it difficult for the company to make progress? Why does Wall Street always support Biden? Why the decoupling of Hong Kong, etc. simply cannot proceed. This is all related to these. How many people’s interests are related to this thing.

4. The CCP will definitely enter the military industry, and it will definitely cause great damage to the United States in the future.

00: 48: 00 An Hong:

1. It should have been infiltrated all over.

2. The CCP is the source of all evil in the world at present. Even if you can’t see him from the front, we know that the CCP has been in the dark after just now, and his clutches are like an octopus. Recklessly. The CCP not only plays with the 1.4 billion compatriots under its own control, but at the same time, it has extended its magic to the world.

00:49:39 Dr. Mo:

1. The American scientific community has a Thousand Talents Plan. Does it also have a Thousand Talents Plan for the entire American military? Does the U.S. military industry have a Thousand Talents plan? Does the U.S. Congressman have a Thousand Talents plan? In other words, does the American judiciary also have a Thousand Talents plan? The financial sector in the United States also has a Thousand Talents Plan. Does the US medical community also have a Thousand Talents Plan? The CCP has this kind of Thousand Talents plan for the United States and the West in all systems. The CCP found that Americans, especially Westerners, are actually very backward in values. The level of combat, so they think there is an opportunity to take advantage of, and it is this opportunity that may find that it really makes a difference. They have achieved the penetration of key nodes in all areas of Western countries and this blue-golden and blackening, which can enable him to achieve his goals. Especially for everyone in the medical community, we can see that the public medical community in the United States has made the US president completely passive before the epidemic. This can see if the CCP has such power in other sectors.

2. I still have another concern. Does the American elections that were considered fair and fair, does the CCP have much power in it? Whether he can make the election present the situation in Russia and Belarus is a very terrifying idea. But I hope this will not come true.

00: 51: 51 Lude:

1. Now everyone can understand why President Trump has been inactive and there are too many swamps. Why did Ye Jianmin(叶简明) arrest him? Why Ye Jianmin(叶简明) caught him and died in the sea in Shanghai. Ye Jianming(叶简明) has gone out to do so many things, and he still has many secrets, and many of these secrets have not been revealed yet. Because Ye Jianming(叶简明), this kind of military circle here and represents the military, the ultimate goal is actually to face the military.

2. Why is Ukraine so important? The most sophisticated are in the European Union and NATO. Because Ukraine is at the forefront of Russia. They have the most military cooperation and the most important deployment in Ukraine. This is Ye Jianming(叶简明)’s appearance again, and here is the military world. The value of this company’s existence is that one of these points is to attract money, and the other is that the person in charge of lobbying and worshiping, let the CEO come out to lobby the military, the White House said that Joe Biden has the final say.

00:57:23 An Hong:

1. With this platform set up, we really see that all places we go have money benefits.

2. It’s not the CEO who stepped up, maybe we have to spend a long time and time to find out where the connections are. Thank you for having such a benevolent government, who finally stood up and exposed all this.

01:00:00 Lude:

Yesterday, I told a certain department. I said a few points. First, the CCP said how China messed up the United States. Although many of them are investigating this every day, most of them are fooled by some bullying. The first is the US dollar, the second is technology, and the third is the military. I said that if it weren’t for 119, the CCP must have told you about the virus in March. By March, the virus will not kill you many people, but will completely paralyze your entire medical system and keep your social order. Completely paralyzed. When your social order and medical system is paralyzed, do you think your dollar system still exists? Once your dollar collapses, can your military be able to keep it? Your military will certainly not be able to keep it. Once the U.S. dollar collapses, your technology cannot be kept first, and your company will depreciate. The acquisition of private enterprises by the CCP is very simple, and he did not come forward. They are all companies like Hunter Biden. Once a technology company is acquired, do you still have your military? The military is gone, are you still safe with your food? Your food technology has been taken away. Finally, Hollywood will give you some control, and then you will be promoted as America as hell. He said that I am for the national interest of the United States and you are for the Chinese people. We should stand together and cooperate. This is a China- related expert who specializes in China-related matters, and he can’t wake up. Our 924 video really made him understand.

01:07:07 Dr. Mo:

1. I feel that the Chinese are very smart. They can play foreigners around outside. In fact, he has made a real system and things riddled with flaws. No system will be here. Under this kind of humanity, it can become fair and complete.

2. The Americans have finally established a strong system, a strong system in various industries, but under the shameless learning of the Chinese Communist Party, it is actually very fragile. When you enter professionalism, you have hierarchy and authority. He only needs to follow this routine from top to bottom, and he will get a node.

3. There is no news of the revolution to help them resist and educate them, or give them a little confidence. It is estimated that the Americans still cannot fully understand how the CCP is fighting beyond the limits.

01: 10: 09 Lude:

1. Later, Dr. Yan and Mayor Giuliani will go up together~ Don’t forget to retweet the channel.

2. Recently. For example, yesterday, we started a full-scale attack on Dr. Yan. You see, a foreigner was specifically searched for, but he didn’t understand anything. Then he wrote a report specifically to attack Dr. Yan. There is no scientific stuff, the main thing is that Dr. Yan plagiarized, attacked GNEWS articles, and a blog. This blog is Professor Kang’s blog. Said to plagiarize Professor Kang’s blog and GNEWS articles. Professor Kang is our co-author. He just used anonymity. CNN didn’t report on Biden’s hard drive door. Why? First, we must divert our attention. Second, we must attack Dr. Door. So Dr. Yan will be on warroom today~ to talk about this. Behind CNN is Gehua. CNN has interviewed Dr. Yan many times. Dr. Yan asked for a live broadcast. They just didn’t want to. They wanted to record it. Then she was unwilling to accept the interview, and she was really attacked.

3. There are two major rises in the CCP’s overseas propaganda, one is the New York Times and the other is CNN. General election, although he wants to turn his attention to this aspect. The second, in turn, is to say that all Giuliani’s things are also political. You don’t do everything through this kind of most basic homework. If you copy your own stuff, you can see how moist their stuff is. Typical is the operation behind the scenes of the Communist Party. Third, Hopkins is full of loopholes. Fourth, today, I finally found a point that he plagiarized, and then the big foreign propaganda began to turn.

4. Everything is the truth. Finally, I will tell you that the biological weapons in the three hard drives will come out at the end. Now the time is not right, they will come out.

01: 15: 25 An Hong:

It shows that they are always paying attention to Dr. Yan’s first and second papers, and there is no room for them, and no strength to refute this paper. The accusation of Dr. Yan turned out to be a copy of Professor Kang’s blog, and Professor Kang is a co-author of Dr. Yan’s article.

01: 17: 20 Dr. Mo:

I think CNN reporters are actually very unprofessional, and because this kind of plagiarism is actually called a system in our world, that is to say, it’s not that you plagiarize, we have special Many major websites and search engines have systems for checking and comparing papers. I think he may have used one of them to find out and find out what percentage of the repeated words and sentences in certain two papers have reached. Think of it as plagiarism. But at this point, it just shows that Dr. Yan is a unique thesis in this world. The uniformity of the papers he found out after searching for a long time is the same as that of Dr. Yan’s blog on GNEWS and Professor Kang. Then two papers by Dr. Yan. So one is that he is unprofessional, he just borrowed a tool of this kind to find it, and secondly, he checked and checked all of them to verify our own thesis and opinions of Dr. Yan. This is equivalent to what I think he was an assist this time. Congratulations to CNN for his assist this time.

01:18:44 Lude:

Absolute assist. I told Dr. Yan yesterday that he recognized the contents of Professor Kang’s blog and GNews. He meant to recognize this point of view, so he said you copied it. CNN has fallen to its current level. There is nothing from a virological point of view or a structural point of view from a genetic point of view. No one does this. Not only has it verified the uniqueness and invulnerability of Dr. Yan’s thesis.

01:21:11 An Hong:

1. We were shocked to see another witness, and this witness proved to the world in the form of CEO, and then said that Biden is the holder of 10%, and that Biden himself, his son, his family, and this The Chinese Communist Party is inextricably linked.

2. Even if media like CNN has been completely acquired by the CCP and bought these media, you can actually ignore them directly, or use them as a negative textbook for reference.

3. No one can stop the spread of the truth. We are looking forward to the room tonight. We are also looking forward to what Mr. Giuliani said that he will expose some very important things 10 days before the election.

BY: NY2020(文火)

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