Biden Family — standing on the evil side with the CCP


As the Biden “hard drive gate” becomes a hot topic on the social media, we get more and more dark evidences of corrupt and compromised Biden family and their connections with the Chinese communist party (CCP). The real bombshell is that Joe Biden sold U.S CIA informants serving in china to XI Jinping. In this way, Biden helped Xi to gain more power in the Chinese political system, for the exchange of Xi covering Biden’s crimes and, and keep huge profit from china.

According to Lude media, during 2010-2014, CCP has almost eradicated all CIA’s informants in China. 36 CIA informants were massacred in the security bureau’s meeting room, right after Xi got the list from Biden. 17 of these secret freedom fighters are females. One of them named Ms Tong Baoguo who work as an executive secretary in top security department of CCP. She was killed along with her husband and her child. One informant killed in Xinjing was only ten days from child.

That is why Mr. Bannon condemned Biden for taking blood money from China. CCP has enslaved 1.4 billion Chinese people with the brutal tyranny for 70 years. It has built the fire wall to ban Chinese people from knowing the truth. It has blocked the western world from knowing the real truth about China. These unlimited power lead to absolute corruption: 500 top families in china own 99% of its wealth, in the meantime, 600 million Chinese people with monthly income under US$200.

People with strong sense of justice are seeking for changes in china. Like Mrs Tong Baoguo, they regard U.S as a leading country built on democracy and rule of law. So they joined CIA, worked as their informants helping western world to gather the criminal evidences of CCP. They never thought they would be betrayed by Joe Biden, the vice president of America!

It comes another bombshell! A video leaked from Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that he “played” with many underage girls when he was on drugs. All these poor girls are just sex toys to him. Most of these girls are Chinese. They were between 7-14 years old. They were young, they were little and they were poor. No one protects them, they were served as a treat by the CCP to their “best friend and business partner”!

Even the hard disk gate has been on fire for so many days. Big media outlets in the free world refused to provide any coverage for this breaking news. No media has chased Biden family for response. Worse than that, face book and twitter has even blocked the New York post ‘s news coverage regarding the hard disk.

Twitter has been busy blocking twitters account who tried to spread the news. Why? We, the people demand an answer. Why free media in the free world, which should be trustworthy, pursuing the truth, but choose to keep silent to this obvious crime? Are they on the same boat with CCP? THAT is so far the only reason we can figure out.

If you have walked away “Tiananmen massacre” in 1989, or if you have turned blind eyes to “Uighur concentration camp” in last 6 years, or if you refuse to acknowledge the brutal reality of “organ harvest” in China, please open your eyes and see whether you can find the political elites of your country in the hard drive. Have they been videotaped by the CCP? Have they sold any interest of your country to their CCP friend? Will they do the same crimes to your child one day and all journalists turn their blind eye such crime?

Taking down CCP is not urgent for Chinese people only, these global gangsters are in collusion with each other to take over the whole world. They are coming for everyone. The people in the free world have nowhere to run to. Fighting back is the only option. All the faithful and righteous people shall unite together to fight again the evil and claim back the world.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

We need more articles like that as a follow up.


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