Was Hunter talking to Obama about selling out America?

A photo has surfaced on the internet featuring Hunter Biden and then President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. The date of photo was April 4th, 2016. Also surfaced today was an email sent by Wang Xin, Director of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management, to Hunter Biden and his business associate Devon Archer. The date of email is July 29th, 2015.

Hunter Biden organised President Xi’s first state visit with China VP’s illegitimate daughter

In this email, Wang sought to organise for President Xi to visit the facilities of LeTV, an online Chinese video streaming service in L.A. , during President Xi’s state visit to the US. The September 2015 visit was the first state visit to the US by the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party since he assumed power.

The email mentioned that LeTV was looking to invest between $3-5 million in ‘research and design of electrical cars and intelligent vehicles’. Wang asked to discuss with Hunter Biden on this ‘delicate request’. Without providing further details, Wang mentioned that BHR was set co-invest in LeTV. The relevance of this to Hunter Biden seems to relate to a later loan agreement dated June 30th, 2007 between Biden and BHR, exposed three days ago by the Whistle-blower Movement.

Wang Xin is reported to be the illegitimate daughter of current Vice President of China, Wang Qishan. It seems from the email that Wang Xin and Hunter Biden were influential in the state visit between the two countries’ leaders.

The FBI and DOJ covered up illegal activities of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden

According to an article on the American report today, a month before President Xi’s first state visit to the US (August 2015), a CIA whistle-blower turned over evidence stored on 47 hard drives that implicates Hunter Biden in illegal activities. Among the materials turned over were 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, including videos and images.

The report claimed that the FBI and DOJ knew that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were selling information to US adversaries, but chose to cover it up.

This report also revealed the Obama White House provided 1200 preloaded BlackBerry devices to ‘trusted Obama team insiders’ which include Hunter Biden. Those devices are capable of accessing the highest level of secret information from a data depository called THE HAMMER VAULT. With these devices, Hunter Biden could easily access sensitive information and sell them out to US adversaries such as China.

Hunter Biden, a hedonistic drug addict and child sex abuser

On October 24th, many promiscuous selfies and videos regarding Hunter Biden’s family were released by the Whistleblower Movement on Gnews.org and GTV.org. The most disturbing material released is a sex video where Hunter Biden was being masturbated by his underage niece.

At the end of the sex video was a message that thanked Alvin Jiang, Bruno Wu, and Hongwei Zhang. This message confirmed what Lude Press said on September 24th there were three hard drives with incriminating materials on the Biden’s family, provided by three influential families in China (families of Jiang, Zeng, and Meng) to the US government.

There are words that more material from Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop from Hell’ is to be released, so this will not be the end of it.

Author: XO酱

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