Biden and Kerry Ukraine sucks up millions to sell out is America


On October 23, 2020, Mr. Wengui Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, uncovered emails on Hunter Biden’s hard drive and how he traded  for power, money and sex with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Revealed.In 2013 the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) colluded with the Biden and Kerry families through a Ukrainian energy company, and I have accessed some leaked documents to reveal the information.

Leaked documents show tens of millions of Ukrainian dollars paid to the Ker Biden Jr Fund, with cash transferred from a Ukrainian gas company to several funds run by leading Democrats. The funds were run by former Secretary of State John Kerry, John Kerry Jr. another Kerry family member and Hunter Biden.

“Leaked documents from the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine indicate that foreign funds were complexly transferred under the control of “corrupt funds” owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Junior, Junior Heinz and Hunter Biden”.

“According to the Latvian Financial Monitoring Department (counter-intelligence), the following sums were obtained from Busima Holding Limited (Cyprus), which opened AS PrivatBank in Latvia.

“The amounts of USD 14,655,982 and EUR 366,015 were transferred from “Wirelogic Technology AS” and the amount of USD 1,964,375 was transferred from “Digitex Organization LLP”.

“In addition, a portion of said amount has been transferred to Alan Apter, Alexander Kwasniewski, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden.

” BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED made 45 remittances in the amount of $3.5 million through MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LLC between November 18, 2014, and November 16, 2015. The recipient, Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC.

Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC is owned and operated by Devon Archer and the Kerry Family, which includes John Kerry, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr. and Hunter Biden.

All of them are also partners of the Rosemont Seneca Foundation and other Rosemont Seneca affiliates.

Leaked transaction and bank records indicate that the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings Limited made substantial payments to Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, which appear to be monthly payments of $83,333.33.

After making payments to a company partially owned by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden received large payments and changed U.S. foreign policy in his official capacity as vice president to help protect his son, Hunter. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been married to the U.S. political community since 1989, gradually corrupting and infiltrating the U.S., up to successive presidents, vice presidents, the Senate and House of Representatives, the FBI, the military, and the media, first sending a large number of spies to obtain information on people from all walks of life, and then attacking them one by one in a selective manner, using power and money (blue, gold and yellow) to buy them off in order to control the United States. The Chinese Communist Party in China to exploit the people, the people as a tool to make money, as a meat shield, organ harvesting, child trafficking, through the entire corrupt, evil chain of collusion with the United States and the world has the right to evil people, the United States and the world has been about to become the Chinese Communist Party in the bag, and Mr. Guo led the Whistleblower Movement with brothers and sisiters in arms ,in order to wake up the Chinese people and the people of the world, in the world as a whole lost voice in the situation, exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) The evil purpose, to awaken the people of the world, the Explosive Revolution is leveraging the entire planet.

People of the world, please open your eyes to find the truth, the truth is in front of you, use your power and the Explosive Revolution and the New China Federation to destroy this evil party that is about to destroy you.

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