Hunter Biden’s laptop – the catalyst to end the CCP and drain the swamp

Author: Shangjinge

9·5in becomes a buzzword on internet recently. What does 9.5in really mean? The storyline started with the three hard drives unveiled by Lude Media  as early as on September 24. A few days ago, President Trump has called the laptop from the hell, which echoes how evil it is, since the laptop opened a can of worm about the current presidential candidate Joe Biden of what he and his son Hunter Biden did during the time when he was the vice president. All the evidences of CCP-style corruptions are in the hard drive!

On October 23rd, GTV ,the media platform founded by the Whistleblowers movement, exposed a loan agreement signed by Hunter Biden as the borrower, in the loan agreement. According to the loan agreement, Hunter Biden was entitled to obtain 10% equity interest in BHR. But Hunter only paid 60% of the committed capital, the rest was financed through the lender, the CEO of BHR.

As we can see that all of these complicated arrangements lack of basic commercial sense. Normally a borrower pays a fair consideration to a lender under a normal loan. But the loan provided to Mr. Hunter Biden is designed for his favor 100%. There are two possible explanations to this. Firstly, the financial performance of the loan is not the lender’s concern at all. Secondly, the performance of the loan is measured in other ways which are not defined in the agreement itself.

In the amendment contract, a lady named Wang Xin as the new lender is very eye-catching. According to an intelligence, she is the illegitimate daughter of the current Vice-Chairman of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Wang Qishan.

Now, everything starts to make more sense, isn’t it? Mr. Hunter was a person who associated with power but hadn’t possessed much money at the time. The consideration he was paid for the loan agreement was the power granted to his father by the American people.

CCP paid Mr. Hunter Biden much more than what was recorded in the loan agreement. Hunter Biden’s sex tapes told the world about what else CCP had offered to him. CCP fed Hunter not only some hot sexy Chinese celebrities but also underage Chinese girls.

Hunter Biden, with his father’s power, was successfully corrupted by the CCP. He did not only take away the wealth from the common Chinese people, but also trash the dignity of all Chinese by raping underage Chinese girls. Biden family is totally compromised by the CCP, but in the meantime this family is still deceiving the Americans and the world. Is Joe Biden still eligible to elect the president?

A few hours after GTV and Gnews released Hunter’s sex tapes, Facebook and Twitter have blocked a large number of accounts belonged to Whistleblowers Movement’s supporters and banned all GTV and GNews URL links on their platforms.

But all their efforts cannot hide the truth; because the truth is always the truth, and the truth always find its path to the world.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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