The Quiet Pain of the United State of America

Financial Perspective – Potential Conflicts of Interest in the National Security


As we see this Agreement, some questions that must be answered

1.   I am wondering, why we cannot see any Collateral from the Hunter Biden’s Company Skaneateles LLC (‘Company’)?

2.   If the ‘Lender” assumed that the so-called Borrower would have been keeping a Qualified Credit Rating, why there is no credit report that can be assessed for Hunter’s ‘Company’ ?

3.   If this business does not have any credit report about hunter’s ‘Company’,why there is also no SPV(Special Purpose Vehicle)to separate the Credit Tranching to Protect the so-called Lender?

4.   What kind of reasons could the lender allow this loan without any protection from the “Strategic Default” of Hunter’s ‘Company’?

5.   Why this Agreement has not specified any payment schedule either Full Amortization or Partial Amortization even though this Agreement did not have any clause about the deadline of Balloon Payment?

Time Frame / Background Notification

1. The Olympic Games held in Beijing on August 08, 2008, was one of the most important events in the World as we all knew. In addition, the Former Vice President XI, JinPing (Now President XI) was the chief planner who was fully responsible for arranging this Olympic Games as well as for the political needs of the time.

2. It was the reason why in 2008, XI could be considered as a Primary Decision-Maker, rather than the Former President HU, JinTao.

3. Hunter Biden’s Company Skaneateles LLC was incorporated on July 18, 2008.

Author: 搞笑排行榜

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/10/26


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