We Are in the Unrestricted Warfare!!!

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From all the nasty behaviour of Wu-Maos and the pro-democracy impostors, everyone may realize that the definition of war is no longer limited to conventional kinetic wars.

Today, using any means necessary to destroy or do damage to the enemy can be considered as a war. The idea that everything can be weaponized is what we call unrestricted warfare.

What is unrestricted warfare?

The unrestricted Warfare is a concept proposed by Chinese military writer Liang Qiao and former Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force Senior Colonel Xiangsui Wang in their book with title 《Unrestricted Warfare》 in 1999, it was published two years before 9/11.It is a new form of warfare that transcends all conventional war strategies.

This is a totally new theory that transcends the conventional battlement mindset.In the unrestricted warfare, the participants are no longer restrict to traditional soldiers, anyone could be part of it.The battlefields are no longer limited to a certain time or place, any time or place could be a battlefield.The weapons are no longer just firearms, many things could be weaponized.

Perhaps, some people may feel excited about such a way of thinking with infinite possibilities.Some people may think it is just an interesting but unimplementable theory.

But the Chinese Communist Party used the Coronavirus to launch a bio-chemical warfare to sicken the whole world, this tells us the unrestricted warfare is not a joke.

Unrestricted warfare may include achievable strategies such as political wars, media wars, Cyber wars, trade wars, terrorist activities, biochemical wars. It may also includes weather wars and thermal wars designed with super concept of unrestricted warfare.

Unrestricted warfare allows anyone to participate in the war, even people with minimal skills such as a janitor. Any known space can be a battlefield, including a virtual cyberspace.Anything can be used as a weapon, even an ordinary napkin.You can tell unrestricted warfare is just a Pandora’s Box which magnifies the evilness of human beings.It is the ultimate goal without a moral bottom line, a result of human arrogance, and a blasphemy of God.

About BGY (stands for Blue, Gold, and Yellow)

Unrestricted war is not unitary, but a complex one. For example, we can pick up a plate and put in many different foods when we go to a buffet.The essence of unrestricted warfare lies in the power of its combinations, which can exert a chemical reaction of 1+1>2.

BGY (Blue, Gold, Yellow) is a new concept first brought up by Mr. Wengui Guo in 2018,and BGY is poisonous dish that the CCP assembled with three top ingredients.

Blue stands for a terrorist strategy that uses surveillance, Cyber attacks and information censoring to threat, control and influence foreign forces.Gold stands for the infiltration strategy by using money to bribe foreign elites from the President to journalists or reporters.Yellow stands for the strategy of bribing the key subjects with sexual favors.

Overall BGY can be considered as the ultimate corrupting and controlling strategy used in ancient Chinese imperial society, and it had its great success and accomplished its goals fruitfully.

Many foreign politicians, executives and mainstream medias have been fully corrupted hence controlled by the CCP via BGY.

The ill consequences of BGY

BGY is the magic sword of the CCP, it can make the good becomes bad and the bad becomes worse.With the influence of the CCP over past decades, the world’s civilization is at the verge of collapsing.

When the CCP persecuted Uighurs and killed Hong Kong protesters, the politicians in the West showed no courage to stand up to the CCP, and the Main Stream Media barely reported it. Instead, they merely did some minimal and unsubstantial lip service.

The pro-democracy impostors in the West also have damaged the image of the Chinese people by secretly aiding and abiding the CCP, but the elected US Congressmen and Senators back them up grandiosely.

The former US Vice President Joe Biden who supposed to work for American people but instead he colluded with the CCP for money. He betrayed his country, but frighteningly now he is running for the President of the United States.

Even more frightening is that the United States, which prides itself as a beacon of freedom, is now falling into fierce partisan struggles while the country is under the biochemical attack by CCP virus.

What makes human society become depraved to this point?

The answer is BGY corruption. The BGY sealed people’s mouths, making people unwilling to criticize, too scare to challenge or to voice their opposition.It just like a shackle from the hell, entangles human feet and drags them into the abyss.

To fight back the unrestricted warfare

As the most powerful weapon of the unrestricted warfare from CCP, BGY runs rampant globally.For our future as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s future, we must rise up and fight the evil CCP or we all are going to live in a very dark world.

First, we must better ourselves, keep in mind the key principles of the Whistleblower Movement: “Only the truth is invincible”, and “Be true, Be benevolent, and Be unrelenting”. This is the only way to deter the temptation from BGY,and only then we can fight back.

Although the CCP built Great Firewalls, controls social media like Twitter , Facebook and YouTube, we should not give up these platforms. We shall continue our fight by using these platforms to share our ideas, thoughts and truth, and to spread the messages from our Whistleblower Movement.

In case the CCP viciously blocks us from all these platforms, we can always move to our own home-base such as the Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society, GTV, and G-Fashion, we will make our voices heard from there.

We should join the Himalayan Farms nearby. We will participate demonstrations organized by the Farms when available. Go to the street to speak out loudly to let people know the truth.

No matter how tempting and powerful BGY is, it’s still evil and false in nature.We must use the Truthfulness, Benevolence to defeat it.

Mr. Guo said that the false cannot become the truth, and the truth cannot become false. The world will choose the truth eventually!

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take down the most evil ccp, action,action,action