Breaking! Tension Escalating, Bob Fu Supporter Being Provocative, Police Taking No Action, Texas

Oct. 25 marks the 21st day of the peaceful protests against the fake pastor Bob Fu, in Midland, Texas. 

With more protestors coming from around the United States to Midland to join the protests, a supporter of Bob Fu assaulted the protestors by giving them the middle finger and knocked down a protestor who was sent to hospital immediately.

This man also crossed the street, allegedly committing “jaywalking” for which four protestors were arrested by the local police. However, the police didn’t take any action agains this man. This shows selective enforcement of the local police force. 

The protests went on peacefully and orderly. Protestors say they shall not leave until the local government, the Mayor of Midland and the congressmen give an explanations and clarification of why slandering the protestors as terrorists. 

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