BGY – CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Plan to Control the World (1)

Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞) Editor: 孔雀

“Miles Guo told me when I first met him,” Steven Bannon recalled during his October 20 livestream interview with Lude Media that “the ways CCP compromised people is BGY, i.e. online, women, money and gold. And Hunter Biden is a classic example of BGY.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) succeeded in combating its domestic rival, the Chinese Nationalist Party (CNP), through unconventional and often deceitful war tactics, and stole authority over China, 40 years before the term “Unrestricted Warfare” came into existence. In 1999, the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House issued Unrestricted Warfare, a book written by two PLA air force political officers, Senior Col. Qiao Liang and Senior Col. Wang Xiangsui. The book’s English edition was subtitled “China’s Master Plan to Destroy America”, revealing the authors’ true motive. As Dr. James D. Perry noted in his paper about “Operation Allied Force: The View from Beijing” that “The book was not a blueprint for a “dirty war” against the West but a call for innovative thinking on future warfare.”

There were several aspects of “unrestricted warfare” listed in Wikipedia:

Lawfare, or political action through transnational or non-governmental organizations can effect a policy change that would be impossible otherwise. Because of the international nature of the modern world and activism, it is much easier for nation-states to affect policy in other nation-states through a proxy.

Economic warfare. Owing to the interconnected nature of global economics, nations can inflict grievous harm on the economies of other nations without taking any offensive action.

Network warfare. Networks are increasingly important in not only data exchange but also transportation, financial institutions, and communication. Attacks that disable networks can easily hamstring large areas of life that are dependent on them for coordination.

Terrorism. Another instance of threats to nations within the scope of the concept of “unrestricted warfare” is terrorism. Terrorism is used by a group to gain satisfaction for certain demands. Even if these demands are not satisfied, a terrorist attack can have vastly disproportionate effects on national welfare.

However, in reality, the “unrestricted warfare” operations are more sophisticated and discrete than depicted in writing. Due to differences in thinking and cultural context, the western world is mostly unable and unwilling to perceive that they are under CCP attack in most of the cases. During the October 5, 2017 press conference at the Hudson Institute, Mr. Miles GUO exposed several of CCP’s unrestricted warfare plans used to weaken and control the West. His words were deemed sensational by a majority of the audiences. However, facts in the following three years proved that those plans had been carried out effectively, involving political figures and prominent organizations in the West. “Drain the swamp”, as called out by President Trump and Mr. Giuliani, sounds the battle horn against CCP manipulation. The overwhelming resistance to their efforts only proves how deep and vast the swamp has become under CCP infiltration.   

“The Hard Drive from Hell”, first reported in Lude Media on September 24, followed by New York Post two weeks later, contains colossal evidence of CCP using BGY (Blue, Gold and Yellow) unrestricted warfare tactics to rein in circles like the BIDEN family that can insert influences on national policies. The typical methods involve controlling the internet, money and sexual bribery, and much beyond. The action code G, for example, refers to the Green Plan, under which CCP provides organ transplant services to western dignitaries. The CCP is protected by the West’s terminal lack of courage to face inhuman behavior, its confidence comes from the norm that when one commits crimes that are too heinous, the world will not want to believe it. Being aware of the CCP inferno is a crucial first step back on track of moral judgement.    

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I first heard about Lude Media and Gnews at Hunter Biden’s least favorite website,



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