10/19 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep268

1. Disasters continue in the mainland this year including epidemics, locust plagues, floods, and typhoons, causing corn prices to hit their highest point in the past 4 years.

2. Recently, the well known domestic dairy company Bright Dairy was fined 300,000RMB because of their advertising slogan: “Please give me bright” on the grounds that it harmed national interests and dignity. In Communist China, neither private companies nor individuals have freedom of speech.

3. On October 16, the Erdos police in China announced the G-series fraud, however, the announcement was deleted afterwards. The CCP not only does everything possible to stigmatize the Whistleblower Movement, but also dare not mention any words about the Whistleblower Movement in the country for fear that the people in China will learn about it.

4. The CCPs brainwashing extends from kindergartens to universities and even the students studying overseas: the Hainan government has allowed returning students to wear cultural revolution costumes and held meetings to try to brainwash them, so that they can unify their thoughts and be ruled by the CCP.

5. Outbreak of coronavirus in Guangzhou again: A large scale of virus detection was carried out in Shiling, Huadu, Guangzhou. As long as the CCP is not taken down, the virus will never disappear.

6. On October 16, many students in Liaoning Primary School were suspected of being poisoned. There have been many food poisoning incidents among primary and middle school students under the CCP regime this year. The CCPs institutional corruption is the root cause of the continuous occurrence of food poisoning incidents in schools.

7. Twitter blocked the New York Post’s article about the scandal related to the son of American presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. The report revealed that Hunter Biden was guilty of child molesting and bribery.

8. (Reuters, 10/17)  64-year-old Hong Kong protester dubbed Grandma Wong” said on Saturday that Chinese authorities kept her in custody for over a month across the border in Shenzhen, where she allegedly suffered mental abuse, and was prevented from coming back for over a year.

 I (am) afraid. I would be stopped to come back Hong Kong.Every second I (am) frightened. I am scared to hear the phone call.

Speaking publicly for the first time since her release, Alexandra Wong said she had also faced regular visits by national security advisers.

9. (Rudy Giuliani, 10/17) The big money comes from China… 

Joe miserably fails on his trip to China. Hunter got a letter about six days later committing one billion dollars to a virtually useless private equity firm.

So while Joe is negotiating for the U.S. and for Japan on a highly sensitive national security matter, his son has become a partner with the government of China. So America loses, the Biden family wins. Joe Biden was a partner.

One of texts that we have makes the obvious provable. The obvious is this money’s going to Joe Biden.

10. (Miles Guo, 10/13) We dedicate our lives and genuinely sincere to our Whistleblower Movement.

The U.S. being such a big republic dare not directly challenge the CCP. The CCP have killed over 200,000 Americans and had millions infected, yet almost no one is calling the virus as “CCP virus”.

Tens of millions people all over the world contracted the virus and millions died, but no one dared to stand up to confront the CCP, except for our Whistleblower Movement who uphold that only the truth is invincible, fearless and selfless.

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