10/18 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep267

1. At the 1st anniversary of the 5G network’s commercial operation, an expert in China exposed the fact: the technology is immature, and the operating cost is extremely high.

2. Dr. Zhong Nanshan falsely claimed that the Baiyunshan brand Banlangen is an effective drug for prevention of CCP virus for his profit; whereas this product is manufacturerd by the Company which he has  interest with.

3. The CCP conducted military education to brainwash and enslave children in Inner Mongolia.

4. Liu Baohua, a high-ranking official of the National Energy Bureau, was arrested.  The CCP combatted corruption with mafia tactics. No one could survive from the CCP power combat.

5. The CCP blamed the coronavirus outbreak in Qingdao on the lower-ranking officers and stated that investigation would be initiated over related officials of disease-prevention actions on their dereliction of duty and responsibility.

6. Ke Bingsheng, a Chinese expert in the agriculture field: We imported lots of soybean.  The volume of soybean we import each year is five times the volume of domestic production.

7.G-Fashion launched online on October 17.

“Confidence, Power, Beauty, Culture, Life, Respect, People – Only Fashion can put everything together.

8. (Reuters, 10/16) U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said on Friday that China was perpetrating something close to a genocide with its treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang in Xinjiang region. 

He made the comments during an online event:

“And they’re bulling Taiwan again, they’ve taken over Hong Kong lock, stock and barrel. Tibet remains out there. There’s, if not a genocide something close to it going on Xinjiang, so the Chinese are  very assertive, very aggressive.”

The US has denounced China’s treatment of Uyghur and other minority Muslims in the region and imposed sanctions on officials it blames for abuses.

9. (Steve K. Bannon, 10/16) Joe Biden has lied to the American people that Joe Biden is actually in business and on the payroll of the CCP, and his family has sold access to Joe Biden for many many years to the CCP.

The biggest question… is why Wray and the FBI did not come forward immediately in November ,December 2019 when they had this hard drive, why they did not do two things, one, take it to Senator Ron Johnson’s committee over at the Senate, not give it to Trump, but the other was start to have the media see it ,so Democratic voters, Bernie Sanders voters could weigh and measure what this said about Joe Biden’s corruption with the CCP.

10. (Miles Guo 10/13) I hope that G-Club and G-Fashion can create all glories in the fashion business.

G-Club is able to create in human history a fashion platform and bridge that enables poor people with good taste to afford the fashionable.

I think the most important aspect of fashion is innovation. Furthermore, fashion let you find confidence and yourself, and at the same time, elevate yourself.

It mirrors one’s inner beauty and it’s a way to display that beauty.

Also, fashion can give you strength; fashion really can make you successful.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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